How Live Video Shopping is Improving Employee Satisfaction and Retention in Retail

improve employee satisfaction

Retail is an industry known for high turnover rates, with sales staff turnover averaging over 60%. The challenges of employee satisfaction and retention in retail are well documented, with limited opportunities for growth and advancement and lack of work-life balance often cited as key factors. However, live video shopping is emerging as a game changer, offering benefits that can help to improve employee satisfaction and retention. 

In this article, we will cover the following: 


How live video shopping is improving employee satisfaction and retention in retail


One key advantage of live video shopping for retail staff is flexibility. By interacting with customers remotely, staff members can work from home or other locations, which can be particularly beneficial for those with caregiving responsibilities or long commutes. This flexibility can improve work-life balance and contribute to an overall greater job satisfaction. 


Live video shopping can also provide opportunities for professional development. Staff members can develop their communication skills, product knowledge, and customer service skills through video interactions. This can lead to further career advancements opportunities, and a more satisfying work experience, both of which can contribute to increased employee satisfaction and retention. 


As live one-to-one video shopping platforms such as Confer With have seen 20% and above conversion rates, these increased sales and revenue can create a more stable and secure work environment for staff. As a result, staff may be more likely to stay with their current employer, knowing that the business is thriving and providing them with opportunities for growth and advancement. 


In terms of employee satisfaction, a study by Owl Labs found that remote workers reported higher levels of job satisfaction and were more likely to stay with their current employer than on-site workers. Moreover, Lorman found that 76% of employees consider professional development opportunities to be one of the most important aspects of their job, indicating the potential benefits of live video shopping in providing opportunities for employee growth and development. 


The benefits of live video shopping for retail staff


Live video shopping offers a number of benefits that can help to improve employee satisfaction and retention in retail 

improve employee satisfaction

  • Engagement: Live video shopping allows sales staff to use their creativity and knowledge of the products to connect with customers in a more meaningful way. For the customers, they can interact with sales staff in real-time through video chat, ask questions, receive personalised advice, and build a stronger connection with the brand. This can lead to increased trust and loyalty among customers, as they feel more connected to the brand and its products. 
  • Flexibility and convenience: With live video shopping, retail staff can work remotely and offer their services at various times throughout the day, depending on customer demand. This provides flexibility in scheduling and allows staff to work from home or other remote locations. Live video shopping also allows retail staff to work from anywhere with an internet connection, providing more convenience and flexibility than traditional in-store retail roles. This can help retailers to attract a wider pool of talent and retain employees who might otherwise leave for more flexible work options. 
  • Work-life balance: By offering live video shopping services, retailers can provide their staff with more flexible work options that enable them to achieve a better work-life balance. This can be especially important for staff members with family or other personal obligations that make it difficult to work traditional retail hours. We often find Confer With clients offering extra hours to staff outside of retail business hours to take video calls. This provides opportunities for extra hours and importantly more flexible working conditions.  
  • Data collection: Live video shopping provides valuable data on customer preferences and behaviour, which can be used to improve future sales and marketing strategies. Retail staff can use this data to identify trends and patterns in customer behaviour, which can help to inform product development and marketing strategies. For example, if a particular product receives a lot of interest during a live video shopping session, the retailer may choose to increase its visibility or promotion in the future. 


One-to-one live video shopping


One of the key benefits of live video shopping is the ability to provide personalised recommendations and advice to customers. Retail staff can use the advantage of a live video stream to get to know customers better and understand their preferences and needs to a greater extent. They can then use this information to make tailored product recommendations and offer advice on how to use products more effectively. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.  


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Efficiency is another way live one-to-one video shopping benefits retail staff. Here, they can focus on a single customer’s needs and provide highly tailored recommendations, without the distractions of a busy store or competing demands from multiple customers. They also have the opportunity to replicate the in-store shopping experience, online, by demonstrating how to use a product, or to troubleshoot any issues that a customer might be experiencing. In fact, a study by Animoto found that 93% of consumers said video is helpful when purchasing a product. 


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The benefits of live video shopping for retail customers


The benefits of live video shopping for retail staff and their customers are pretty similar regarding convenience, personalisation, and real-time interactions. However, they also include other factors that show how valued the experience is for a customer in their shopping journey.  


improve employee satisfaction

  1. Convenience: Allows customers to shop from the comfort of their own homes, without the need to travel to a physical store, which can be especially beneficial for customers who live far from the store or have mobility issues. 
  2. Personalisation: Retail staff can offer tailored recommendations and advice based on the customer’s preferences and needs, in turn helping customers find the products that are right for them and make more informed purchasing decisions. A global study led by Brightcove found that 48% of consumers say that video increases their confidence to shop online, with 71% saying that video with interactive features is essential when making an online purchase. 
  3. Real-time interaction: Customers can ask the retail staff questions, get immediate feedback, and see products in action. This can help to build trust and confidence in the products and the retailer, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
  4. Timesaving: Live video shopping can be a highly efficient way to shop, with customers able to get personalised recommendations and advice without the need to browse through large inventories or wait in long lines. This can save customers time and make the shopping experience more enjoyable. 
  5. Access to expertise: Allows customers to access the expertise of retail staff, who can provide detailed information about products and help customers to make more informed purchasing decisions. This can be especially important for complex or high-end products, where customers may need more guidance and support. 

Confer With results


improve employee satisfaction

Live one-to-one video shopping platform, Confer With, have seen magnificent results from retailers who have implemented the solution; the benefits have been seen by both the retail staff and their customers.  


Retail staff 

Confer With have partnered with a number of retailers whose staff love using the live one-to-one video shopping platform and have seen an increase in sales as a result. 


‘Sofa in a box’ company Snug have embraced different trends and changes in the retail industry, and their staff are too. Live commerce consultants, Carly and Archie, have commented on their experience using Confer With: 

Carly: “I love it! I love the customers and I love the team. I’m working from home, and I’ve got no commute into work!” 

Archie: “It was something I was bound to enjoy, as a person I like new experiences.” 


Luxury furniture retailer Bridgman has an award-winning catalogue and clear ambition for digital excellence. They have dedicated one member of staff to sell on the Confer With platform, Edita, who commented on her experience: 

Edita: “We always do what’s best for our customers, and now we do it without them leaving their houses. It’s super easy, and it’s in your home. It’s the most convenient thing in the world.”  

Bridgman have also seen amazing sales as a result. Senior Marketing Manager, Michelle, says: “Our average order value has been about £5000, which is much higher than we see on our online channel, and even higher than we see in our showrooms. Conversion is also a lot higher than we would ordinarily see on a website”.  

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Key Takeaways 


  • Live video shopping provides flexible and convenient work opportunities for retail staff 
  • Customers prefer personalised recommendations and engaged retail staff 
  • Employees can improve employee satisfaction and retention with live video shopping by initiating a better work-life balance, as well as providing them with better opportunities for advancement 

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