Headed up by Digital Entrepreneur Serge Milbank, Confer With are a group of experts in retail, eCommerce, Marketing and Software development. We are on a mission to transform digital dialogue to be infinitely closer to the connection established in the physical world with our live video shopping platform.

live video shopping vs pre recorded video

How Confer With started

Serge Milbank is a digital entrepreneur that has pioneered eCommerce businesses for decades throughout his career. Having started Confer With in 2020 during the pandemic, he explains how he came up with the idea for the innovative live 1-2-1 video shopping platform with co-founder Dan Garner, and the importance behind connected video in retail.

"<...> We teamed up to try and find a solution that would replicate as close as reasonably possible the experience that you have in retail, and replicate that online."

Confer With team

serge milbank confer with live video shopping

Serge Milbank

Chief Executive Officer

dan garner confer with live video shopping app

Dan Garner

Chief Product Officer

teresa lawrence confer with live video shopping

Teresa Lawrence

Client Services Director

Chamara Wickramanayake

VP of Engineering

Lee Cash

Commercial Director

mike sheridan confer with live video shopping

Mike Sheridan

Head of Tech Operations

adam maxted confer with live video shopping

Adam Maxted

Senior Sales Consultant

Marvin Randall

Customer Success Manager

rebecca walsh confer with video commerce

Rebecca-Toni Walsh

TechOps Engineer

martyna kubiliute confer with video commerce

Martyna Kubiliute

Lead Designer

Finn Cambell

E-commerce Strategist

kseniya confer with video shopping

Kseniya Pasiukevich

Content Marketing Executive

Faaria Syed

Customer Success Executive

jodie confer with video commerce

Jodie Nandoo

Sales Expert

King Ani

 Technical Support Engineer

Agata Nowicka

Live Video Shopping – Advisor

Confer With powers live video shopping for:

Our vision

We can deepen every
digital communication
to become infinitely
closer, accessible and
transparent for the
wellbeing of society as
a whole.

Company mission

To make connected
video commerce the
standard for
communication in

Customer mission

To become the primary
digital communication
channel our customers
use to communicate with
their customers.

Team mission

We are an open,
transparent team that finds
ways to transform digital
communication to be
infinitely closer to the
connection established in
the physical world.

Transform your business with Confer With