Improve customer satisfaction

Increase your NPS scores to an excellent benchmark between 70 and 80 with live video shopping.


NPS scores fall below the excellent benchmark range


Live video shopping increases NPS scores to an excellent benchmark between 70 and 80

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The Confer With impact

Confer With are powering live video shopping for sofa in a box company, Snug, and their customers, creating an immersive and enjoyable online shopping experience.

“It has allowed us to engage with a browser on the website and move the conversation along from a light touch enquiry to a sale.”

Comparison to traditional e-commerce

The average NPS score for online shopping retailers is 45. Confer With sees NPS scores soar to an excellent benchmark between 70 and 80. Improve customer satisfaction with live 1-2-1 video shopping.

How Businesses Can Improve Their NPS Score in Retail with Live Video Shopping
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