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An online shop full of Confer With brand ambassadors waiting to help your website shoppers

Online retailers can now outsource video calls to experienced sales representatives available during peak and out of store opening hours.

Through a fully white-labelled video contact centre, Confer With Brand Ambassadors connect with retailers’ customers on a personal level: sharing product images, information, alternatives, add-ons, and demos, all in real time.

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The Challenge

Live 1-2-1 video calls drive conversions well above 20%, but they need resourcing​.

The Solution

Confer With’s sales trainers have spent 1000’s of hours onboarding high performing sales teams for Live 1-2-1 Video Shopping. And they are now available to take calls from your online shoppers.

Only pay when your customers are having a live 1-2-1 Video conversation with your online customers.

Tech enabled selling

Our recommendation technology enables Confer With Brand Ambassadors to quickly replicate the experience of your best retail staff.

For Live 1-2-1 call, with the click of a button, brand ambassadors can share with customers:

Alternatives – a selection of other products you may like based on the item you’re looking at​.

Add Ons – complimentary items based on what you’re looking at (For a dress, you may want shoes, necklace, coat).

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Confer With Brand Ambassadors will take video calls on your website

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Confer With Brand Ambassadors deliver significant business value

54% Conversion Rate ​
80% Increase in Average Order Size​
5 Star customer feedback​