It’s like a shoppable facetime call

The market leading personal shopping service for eCommerce

Discover how a Shoppable Video Call triggered from your website can transform customer experience. Your customers will confer with highly trained brand ambassadors using market leading experience tools to simplify purchase decisions and drive insight.

Recognized in Gartner® Market Guide for Live Commerce in Retail

Brands who have taken the step forward

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Your customers just want to talk to you – don’t fight it

I talked to one of your representatives over video. I was a little apprehensive about video at first, but it was amazing. Carly helped me choose the right sofa for my living room that my dog wouldn’t ruin. We ended up buying a sofa-bed for the spare room as well. I would happily shop this way every day. Well done.

Pauline Confer With Video Shopping

Elevate your customer experience using video commerce

Transform online shopping into a memorable and personalized experience for your customers

Instant engagement

Connect directly with your online visitors in real-time, providing immediate assistance and enhancing their shopping journey.

Happy customers

Our platform fosters personal connections, resulting in soaring customer satisfaction – NPS scores of 80 are the new normal.

Boosted sales

Experience a significant increase in conversions (20%+) and average order values (49%+), making your bottom-line smile.

Native experience

A seamless integration with your website, making all your products instantly shoppable.

Fully inclusive personal shopping service

We provide highly trained brand ambassadors who love working over video

Customers get instant access to an on-tap workforce of brand ambassadors who give a super personalised, exclusive online shopping experience to give your customers what they need to make a purchase decision.

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"Our average order value has been about £5000, which is much higher than we see on our online channel, and even higher than we see in our showrooms. Conversion is also a lot higher than we would ordinarily see on a website."

bridgman video shopping

"It replicates the experience closest to that being inside a store. The fact that customers can choose the pictures they want to look at and then be able to change the pictures themselves. We can also take the lead and talk them through the different images and the variety of sofa ranges too."

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"Being a hybrid type of business with online and offline appearance we thought that giving customers the same expertise online is equally important. We also believe that this is the future of retail, and given that less and less stores like ours exist, we wanted to be first-movers."

digital piano video shopping

“The Confer With product is super unique. First of all, it’s super easy to integrate. The UX and UI are very easy to understand. But what’s more important, it allows BAs to be able to convert customers 24/7, anywhere, anytime.”

“It’s great to suggest images of a similar product inside that call and demonstrate alternatives. Even if we don’t have it physically available to us.”

hughes video shopping

“We have spoken about the limitations of live chats being used as a customer service tool. Nordgreen can now offer immediate customer service tools to answer simple queries but leverage live video shopping to act as a powerful selling tool. Additionally, many customers are in favour of live video services”.

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