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Discover the dynamic capabilities of Confer With’s video commerce platform.

Revolutionize your e-commerce experience with our innovative approach to video commerce and personal online shopping, seamlessly blending the convenience of digital browsing with the personalized touch of in-store service.

Market leading personal shopping

Like a shoppable face time call

Experience market-leading personal shopping with our live video shopping calls, accessible on any mobile and desktop device. It’s like a shoppable FaceTime call, bringing a personal touch to online shopping.

Personal shopping brand ambassadors on tap

Our team of highly trained brand ambassadors is ready to assist over video, providing expert advice and personal shopping guidance tailored to each customer’s needs.

Customer satisfaction redefined

Customers adore our platform, with Net Promoter Scores soaring above 80.

I talked to one of your representatives over video. I was a little apprehensive about video at first, but it was amazing. Carly helped me choose the right sofa for my living room that my dog wouldn’t ruin. We ended up buying a sofa-bed for the spare room as well. I would happily shop this way every day. Well done.

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Personal online shopping at scale

Innovative personal shopping at scale with powerful clienteling tools

Our platform transforms personal shopping by leveraging powerful clienteling tools. Seamlessly guide customers through product selections over live video, directly integrated with your e-commerce platform.

Seamless website integration

Easily integrated on demand service prompts

Embed on your website or app

With easy-to-integrate, on-demand service prompts, our embeddable solutions enhance the shopping experience on your website or app, making every interaction more personal and engaging.

Expand your reach with targeted advertising

Elevate your personal shopping experience and reach more customers through strategic paid media campaigns, designed to highlight the unique advantages of video commerce.