Find out how Confer With, the only choice for live 1-2-1 video shopping, works

Connect your online customers with your retail experts in a personalised shopping experience. Learn how video commerce works, and how it replicates the in-store shopping experience.

1 • Click to Live Video

1 • Click to Live Video

Remove barriers to purchase by understanding your customers’ needs, validating their choices, and reassuring them about their purchase.

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2 • Replicate an in-store experience on your phone, iPad or laptop

With all your product images, videos and descriptions shoppable at your fingertips – you truly help your customer select the products that matter. No more running across shop floors and hoping items are available!

Hover over our features below to learn more about how Confer With works!

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See your customer and if they want, they can show you around their home.

Ensure you're always both looking at exactly the same item.

By sharing your product images, videos and descriptions.

Select sizes, colours and quantities of items.

Both customer and sales expert can add to a shared basket.

Cross-sell and up-sell products at your fingertips to easily share with your customer.

Ensure your customer leaves with everything they need for a successful purchase.

2 way video is the best way to establish rapport.

With the click of a button all items are added directly into the checkout page of your e-commerce platform.

And with our recommendation engine, the next best products are a click away – ensuring your customers leave happy and with everything they need.

3 • Checking Out

3 • Checking out

Once the customer has everything they need, they can check out either on your e-commerce page or directly in the Confer With platform. After all, you don’t want to go through all that hard work and then lose the sale.

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