Unleash customer intelligence by understanding what your online shoppers think

Reduce bounce rates by allowing your customers to ask questions. Get to know your online shoppers at a deeper level using Confer With’s personalised live one-to-one video shopping platform.


High bounce rates due to a lack of customer engagement and the inability for customers to ask questions, resulting in a lack of understanding of online shoppers.


Reduce bounce rates and improve understanding of online shoppers through personalised live one-to-one video interactions using Confer With's platform.

Comparison to traditional e-commerce

The average bounce rate for e-commerce retailers sits between 45-50%. Reduce bounce rates to 27% using Confer With.

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live video shopping the light salon

The Confer With impact

Confer With are powering live video shopping for facial and skincare brand, The Light Salon, and their customers, servicing personalised treatments and advice in a comfortable, one-to-one environment.

“Now we have virtual experiences, it is much easier having a one-on-one with a customer to discuss skin types, preferences, and solutions”.

Transform your business with Confer With