Increase profitability by reducing return rates

Live video shopping can reduce return rates by up to 40%. The sales expert can assist the customer right the way through the transaction and answer any detailed questions the customer may have about their purchase. Should the product not be available to hand, the sales expert can offer alternative suggestions to cross-sell.


High return rates negatively impact profitability


Live video shopping reduces return rates by up to 40%

hughes live 1-2-1 video shopping

The Confer With impact

Confer With are powering live video shopping for Hughes, ‘The Electrical Experts’, and their customers, increasing their profitability by offering expert advice and alternative products.

“It’s great to suggest images of a similar product inside that call and demonstrate alternatives. Even if we don’t have it physically available to us.”

Comparison to traditional e-commerce

The average e-commerce returns rate hovers around 20-30%. The main reasons for this:

• Incorrect size
• Purchase of multiple products to try (with intent to return)
• Poor quality
• Product doesn’t match online description

Confer With reduces return rates online by 40%. 

average return rates ecommerce confer with

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