We are excited to share with you our customer case studies. Learn how Confer With has supported online conversion and average order value growth.

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Our case studies

Leading the pack in the early 2000s as the first luxury garden furniture company to have an e-commerce platform they’ve always had an eye on innovation to better help their customers.

The sofa in a box company, Snug, outlined three main goals they wanted to achieve from using Confer With: increase online conversions, extend trading hours, and be at the forefront of retail technology.

Digital Piano seamlessly onboarded Confer With’s Live one-to-one video shopping solution onto their website, with the help of Confer With’s solution consultants.

Confer With doubled the conversions of the previous one-way video provider. Read how Hughes delivers exceptional live video shopping experiences to its customers.

 The Light Salon delivers luxurious service within their bespoke salon environments. During international lockdowns, they switched from using traditional video software to Confer With’s video commerce platform.

The first watch specialist company to use connected video commerce to increase online sales. Read how Confer With integrated a virtual store front to a 100% eCommerce brand.

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