Launch live video shopping in a matter of weeks with simple tech integration and first-hand expert training

Be ready to go live on the Confer With platform with a confident and assured sales team. No complex integration required to deliver your staff’s sales expertise in the world of e-commerce.


Difficulty in integrating technology and lack of hands-on expert training delays launch


Confer With's live video shopping tech integration is easy and quick with personal expert training

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The Confer With impact

Confer With are powering live video shopping for independent international piano company, Digital Piano, and their customers, personalising each online shopping experience.

“The first and most important one is that Confer With does not require any logins or technical knowledge to work. It’s built into the browser of the device, and all the customer needs to do is accept camera + microphone to be enabled. Other reasons like availability, scalability and intuition also played a key part.”

Comparison to traditional e-commerce

Traditional e-commerce platforms can take up to four months to go live with their clients, finishing the customer support after the dotted line is signed. At Confer With, clients can go live in a day, with ongoing support and training throughout the entire onboarding process and beyond.

More Information: Live Video Shopping – A Step by Step Guide to Getting it on Your Website

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