Why Live Video Shopping?

Because it’s the most significant change you will make to your e-commerce business. Let 1-2-1 live video shopping be the future of your eCommerce site.

why live video shopping benefits


Increase profitability by reducing return rates


Increase revenue with higher conversion rates and average order values

Customer Satisfaction

Increase your NPS scores to an excellent benchmark between 70 and 80 with live video shopping

Customer Intelligence

Unleash customer intelligence by understanding what your online shoppers think

Ease of Implementation

Launch live video shopping in a matter of weeks with simple tech integration and first-hand expert training

Grow your revenue

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live video shopping conversion rate
live video shopping reduces return rates

See your profitability skyrocket

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Create unforgettable customer experiences

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live video shopping customer satisfaction
live video shopping reduces bounce rate

Unleash customer intelligence

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Implement with ease

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live video shopping ease of implementation

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