Confer With’s live video shopping platform enables retailers to deliver live video shopping experiences through their eCommerce store. By integrating with the eCommerce engine, it creates an entirely new and immersive experience where salespeople are empowered to suggest products in a buy flow.

Snug have embraced this new way of shopping and has proved that the home retail sector can be at the forefront of retail technology.

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1 • The Client

1 • The Client

“We are the Sofa in a Box company. We make people comfortable, whoever they are, wherever they are.” – Snug.

Since its beginning in 1977, Snug have embraced different trends and changes in the retail industry. Although technology in the home retail sector has not been adapted as rapidly as the fashion, cosmetics, or automotive sector, Snug’s goal was to change that. By using Confer With’s platform, they have given home retail a well-deserved upgrade.

We sat down with Snug’s Virtual Retail Advisor, Matt Hazelden, and Live Commerce Consultants, Carly and Archie to discuss their experience with using live one to one video shopping. 

2 • The results

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3 • The Challenge

3 • The Challenge

snug live video shopping confer with

Prior to Confer With, Snug’s salespeople were sitting at home and unable to work due to the pandemic. They also didn’t have a way to directly communicate and engage with their customers, aside from digital marketing efforts.

Matt explains: Confer With was a great solution because it enabled the sales team to work remotely. They could continue to sell the products to customers from home, which they did very effectively. Now showrooms are open, it’s allowed us to sell outside of showroom hours. In the evenings, first thing in the morning, early evening; it has extended the trading hours. Confer With has also allowed us to engage with the consumer and move the conversation from a light touch enquiry to a sale, increasing online conversions. 

This technology and user experience is going to explode in the UK Market.

Matt Hazelden



4 • The Solution

4 • The Solution

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Confer With’s unique functionality allowed Snug to deliver an engaged shopping experience to their customers, a notable feature which stands out against our competitors. But what is the advantage of this? Matt explains: “We’re talking about the ability to share more assets while you are on a call and being able to assist. We wanted it to be as showroom like as possible, from a remote location and compared to the competition, Confer With wins on that.”

It has allowed us to engage with a browser on the website and move the conversation along from a light touch enquiry to a sale.






In addition, Confer With were able to get two of Snug’s Live Commerce Consultants’ view on using the platform. Both Carly and Archie concluded that sharing product images with their customers from a variety of angles were among their favourite features of using the platform.

Carly: “It replicates the experience closest to that being inside a store. The fact that customers can choose the pictures they want to look at and then be able to change the pictures themselves. We can also take the lead and talk them through the different images and the variety of sofa ranges too.”

Archie also explained his favourite features of the platform: “I also use the search function as I can pull up any product quickly to show the customer. The add-ons feature is great, it helps when the customer asks for an extra scatter cushion or footstool: I can go into the add ons feature and select the appropriate item.”

We also asked Carly and Archie if they liked this new way of working.

Carly: I love it! I love the customers and I love the team. I’m working from home, and I’ve got no commute into work!  

Archie: It was something I was bound to enjoy, as a person I like new experiences. 

Confer With continues to work alongside Snug to help increase their online conversion rates, average order value and customer engagement. They have built a strong community of passionate customers who value their straightforward approach to delivering sustainable sofas with excellent customer service. Confer With’s technology has helped them bring showroom-like experiences to the comfort of customers’ homes. 

It replicates the experience closest to that being inside a store. The fact that customers can choose the pictures they want to look at and then be able to change the pictures themselves. We can also take the lead and talk them through the different images and the variety of sofa ranges too.




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