Cosmetics & Beauty

Live video shopping is available for cosmetics & beauty brands to support customers remotely.

The Confer With video commerce platform helps you understand customer needs online and provide live video shopping advice on what beauty products to buy.

Confer With

Confer With allows your team to give real-time advice to customers on the right beauty products for them as they would in store. It is the easy way to convert more sales and grow customer loyalty with truly personalised online shopping experiences. 

How can we help?

live customer engagement Through expert advice.

Your team can engage live with customers, upsell, cross sell and even add promotions to customer baskets during live video shopping experiences.

ROI Simulation

Helping YOUR brand grow online

Confer With is particularly helpful when selling items that require consideration, which is particularly important in the cosmetics and beauty sector.  The Confer With service helps cross sell complimentary products – all impacting Conversion, Average Order Value, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty.  

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