the light salon launch live video shopping calls to deliver immersive beauty experiences

With a profound passion and understanding of medical and clinically proven technology, The Light Salon delivers luxurious service within their bespoke salon environments. During international lockdowns, they switched from using traditional video software to Confer With’s connected video commerce platform.  

the light salon case study

During the peak of the pandemic, The Light Salon adapted and delivered video calls online. However, the software they used resulted in low conversions, a complicated booking process and small room to immerse clients in their products. The Light Salon realised that to provide world-class client support they needed the technology to match. Their aim was to bridge the gap between physical and online to replicate powerful in-store interactions from the comfort of client’s homes. 

Total Sales Increase

To grasp on the challenges they experienced prior to Confer With, we spoke with Salon Manager, Amy Fiddler. 

Amy: We were using other platforms like Zoom and what have you, which filled in the gap but you weren’t able to have the interactive benefit that Confer With gives you. Instead, the clients can browse themselves and you can share a number of different products. It’s that interactive newness that Confer With is able to give us as a virtual platform. 

Confer With and The Light Salon have partnered up to empower their staff with live video shopping technology. This enables their expert team to connect to clients via video and engage in a two-way consultation using a virtual shared basket. From there, the expert can identify the needs of the client, discuss skin types and switch through their entire product catalogue as preferences are expressed. The Light Salon product feed has been fully integrated into the Confer With video shopping platform, meaning the team can make relevant recommendations based on a buy flow provided by Confer With.  

We asked Francesca if she enjoys this new way of working. 

Francesca: I actually find it easier than in the salon because you are doing treatments. You have people coming in asking you about the treatment, asking about the product and you don’t get that one-on-one time unless you are in treatment with a client. So if a customer is coming by, it is hard to give tailored advice on boost devices. So now we have virtual experiences, it is much easier having a one-on-one with a customer to discuss skin types, preferences and solutions.  

It’s that interactive newness that Confer With is able to give us as a virtual platform.

Amy Fiddler

Salon Manager – The Light Salon

the light salon

Confer With’s team supported the Light Salon through creating an initial business plan to ensure that live video shopping software aligned with their goals. Confer With’s video selling training enabled them to offer the same outstanding service as they would in the salon. 

Confer With’s team are with them all the way when it comes to training. From sales to tech, we have dedicated people on hand. 

Let’s see what Francesca had to say on her experience

Francesca: The training was brilliant, we only needed one session. We then did role play calls and also practised among the team. Since we were in lockdown, the training acted as a refresher for The Light Salon products too! 

So now we have virtual experiences, it is much easier having a one-on-one with a customer to discuss skin types, preferences and solutions”.

Virtual Consultant – The Light Salon

Total Sales Increase

The swift digital transformation in delivering live video shopping enables The Light Salon to be ready for the surge in business, both online and offline. We continue working with The Light Salon to maximise online sales opportunities. But more importantly, they can now reflect the profound service they are known for in their salon, online.

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