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What will be covered?


Your shop open and staffed 24/7 globally

Picture this: your favourite shop is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is available in every country across the globe. That’s right, you can walk in at any time and there will be someone there to help you, making sure your questions are answered, and supporting you through your shopping experience.

We know what you’re thinking:

“But it’s impossible to always have someone available for our customers”
“I can’t open a store in every single country”
“I can’t be open 24 hours a day”
“It’s too expensive”

Sure, in the past these concerns would have been plausible, and indeed you would have needed very deep pockets to make it happen. But today, with Confer With’s Live 1-2-1 video shopping solution and our newly launched “Confer With Brand Ambassadors” service, it is now possible for you to build rapport with clients, and help customers purchase from your website at any time.

confer with video shopping experts


Introducing Confer With Brand Ambassadors

Confer With Brand Ambassadors are the highest preforming video salespeople on our platform. They train and provide hands-on coaching support for: Dunelm, Bridgman, Halfords, Emma Shipley, and Vivant Beauty. They’re available as an extension of your retail team to take video calls on your website, strengthening your sales force and providing additional coverage during your peak shopping periods.

So, what does this mean for you?

Our video sales team’s vertical expertise enables quick onboarding of your product set and sales process, meaning they’re well prepared to support your business during its peak selling hours, should you need extra assistance.

Confer With Brand Ambassadors deliver high call conversion rates of 30% and above, with a 50-100% increase in average basket size.

PLUS, you only pay when our experts are online with your customers.

But wait, where’s the proof of all this actually working? We’re so glad you asked, because below is just one example of how our Confer With Brand Ambassadors were able to assist a sale with a 100% conversion rate.

bridgman 1-2-1 video shopping


How our brand ambassadors delivered over six figures in one call

After completing their training, our Confer With Brand Ambassadors met with a customer who wanted to purchase a customised order for furniture that would suit their outdoor entertainment space. Representing leading furniture brand, Bridgman, our experts excelled at quickly building rapport with the customer by assessing their needs, demonstrating a selection of options through the power of the Confer With recommendation engine, and delivering a synchronised customer experience.



Our video sales team provided the customer with a truly engaging and immersive video experience, with their excellent product knowledge impacting the client’s business from day one. They did this by utilising the Confer With’s immersive features:

Demonstration feature – share product images and descriptions synchronously
Recommendation engine – search for alternatives
Add-on features – upsell and cross-sell to customer in real-time

Following this, an appointment was set up with Bridgman’s in-house specialist (who had a very easy job, thanks to our brand ambassadors). They simply had a follow-up call to check the order details and process the customised order, resulting in a 100% conversion rate with a six-figure sale order.

“I’m impressed with how quickly they got up to speed on our products and their strong product knowledge given we had such short timeframes to get them live and support us.” – Bridgman


“I’m impressed with how quickly they got up to speed on our products and their strong product knowledge given we had such short timeframes to get them live and support us.”
– Bridgman


Brand Ambassador Training

It’s all well and good just listing the results of using our brand ambassadors, but it’s important to explain how we get them there in the first place. And how you can too. By using the Confer With recommendation engine, our brand ambassadors are given a crash course on how to sell your products, alongside product reviews, FAQs, and a checklist of what to ask your customers.

“We’ve got thousands of products, so to be able to train one person on that in a day was going to be tough. We approached it as let’s see how it goes and see whether they can get us a few leads and just pick up the phone calls. And that’s exactly what they did! We’ve seen a lot of appointments come off the back of that, and our sales representative has managed to convert them as well”
– Bridgman

After reviewing and studying your product catalogue, which only takes two hours, our video sales team are prepared for a 30-minute product training session, followed by a series of test calls.


In total, they require less than a day to go live on your platform.


“As brand ambassadors, we work for both your staff and your customers. We are always available to offer your customers the personalised 1-2-1 shopping experience they are longing for, allowing them to also speak to someone well-prepared in real-time. Because of the undivided attention we give your customers, they are also more confident when purchasing your products.”

confer with live video shopping sales team


Confer With Brand Ambassadors 

Now picturing your store available for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the ability to cater to every customer’s personal needs from around the globe doesn’t seem like an impossible or costly challenge anymore, does it?

To find out how you can increase your conversion rates with the help of Confer With Brand Ambassadors, book in a call with us at a time that works for you.

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