5 Tips to Maximise Customer Engagement with Live Video Shopping

The acceleration of eCommerce and live video shopping continues to gain momentum. In 2021, some of the biggest eCommerce investments were in video shopping. Collectively, a staggering $380 million has been invested with tech players including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube and Amazon all experimenting with video commerce.

And we are confident it shows no signs of slowing down. Perhaps you are already using a video sales solution or looking to invest in a video commerce channel – whatever it is, you’ll find something worthwhile.  

To prepare you and your team for live video shopping greatness, we have shared our best tips.  


1. Invest in your people and customers will invest in you 

Live video shopping connects customers to a real human, bypassing the common frustration with chatbots. But you still need to leave a good first impression for your shoppers to become repeat custom.  

At Confer With, we use our in-house experts to deliver tailored training programmes across marketing, sales and technology integration to ensure your team is equipped to offer live video calls.

The onboarding develops a co-working relationship where we can enhance the Confer With package and ensure calls and sales are being maximised.  

Motivating virtual teams comes with its barriers, but to work against it we establish live video shopping KPIs and catch up during weekly talks to ensure your new video commerce channel is heading in the right direction. 


live video shopping


2. Use a connected live video shopping platform 

Brands continue to find success with one to one virtual shopping appointments. In the US, live video shopping is predicted to reach $11 billion by the end of 2021 up from $6 billion in 2020. And while it is small in size against the US total eCommerce sales of $919.06 billion, it shows live video is on a strong trajectory in capturing new consumer demand.  

That’s why using a reliable connected video commerce platform is crucial in facilitating one to one video calls.  

Confer With’s platform scales its video technology using headless commerce that removes technical complications and utilises a flexible integration framework; allowing us to augment and scale to any open platform.  

Then what happens? 

Our integrations allow your experts to start live video calls with your website visitors, granting access to the full product inventory. Inside the video call, experts have powerful sales tools at their disposal to boost conversions and average order value. Here are some examples below; 


Boosting conversions  

Virtual shared basket  

Growing frustrated at cart abandonment? Our virtual shared basket fights against this to see results of up to a 30x growth in conversion rates.  

Our patent-pending virtual shared basket invites open collaboration and replicates in-store experiences. Both the expert and customer can add or remove items in the shared basket. Finally, the customer can add all items to your checkout page. 

This creates the comforting exchange of the expert taking items to the till. On the contrary, the customer has full control in deciding what products are right for them.  

live video shopping

Find out more about our Virtual Shared Basket here. 


Alternatives Feature

The Alternatives feature empowers experts to upsell and down-sell products to address the changing needs of the customer. It can navigate a customer through a selection of products based on price and tech specs, ensuring that they make a purchase in confidence.  

Experts can recommend it straight from a buy flow, offering a seamless buying journey.  

live video shopping

Find out more about our Alternatives feature here


Boosting average order value  

Add-Ons Feature 

The Add-Ons feature allows experts to cross-sell products in a buy flow. It personalises the customer buying experience and boosts basket size by recommending products that are similar in nature and compliment the needs of the customer. 

live video shopping

Find out more about our Add-Ons feature here. 


3. Every live video shopping platform needs CTAs to increase customer engagement

When you go live with us, we work hard to offer bespoke widgets that will increase walk in calls and appointment bookings. Our in-house experts identify what web pages are best to deploy the Confer With widget and we also integrate with third-party widgets too.  

Like the old saying goes ‘actions speak louder than words’ but the right words evoke the right actions. Our widgets can be customised to suit your brand guidelines and customer preferences.  

To further maximise its potential, a dedicated landing page for virtual appointments helps massively. Check out our current customer examples with Ellis Brigham and The Light Salon where they have beautifully outlined to customers what to expect with live video shopping calls.  

While live video shopping is on the rise, it is important to know that customers may not have experienced such an interaction before. Go above and beyond to prepare calls with your customers to ensure every opportunity leads to a conversion. 


live video shopping
live video shopping


4. Make virtual appointments easy

Your brand can expect to see an average order value increase north of 30% when deploying virtual appointments. 

The shift in eCommerce behaviour has shifted where customers expect personalisation from a point of awareness to a sale. Your virtual appointments can leverage great customer service to prepare for high-ticket sales calls.  

Confer With’s video commerce platform integrates with appointment booking technology enabling you to take full control of the customer journey. From point of awareness to converting a sale, it is easy to oversee the appointment journey from start to finish.  

Confer With x Appointedd integration for seamless appointment booking.

Read more about our tech integrations here.


5. Improve customer engagement with questionnaires

To maximise your customer engagement potential, we have embedded questionnaires to be answered at the end of every customer call. This is reported and enables you to coach your team accordingly to hit the best results.  

Additionally, we host workshops where we work alongside your experts to optimise video selling tactics. Our customer ratings are rated 5* on Trustpilot. I bet you’re wondering what they are like? Below are a few. 


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