How does headless commerce relate to video commerce?

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How does headless commerce power the growth of video commerce? Confer With that sits on top of a headless commerce platform – enhancing the customer experience

There is a lot of talk about headless commerce these days, how does video commerce fit in? It’s true, headless commerce it’s a game-changer in e-commerce. The separation of church (development teams) and state (customer experience teams) has allowed both teams to prosper without the need for the other. It creates a framework for innovation for both teams, without the shackles of needing the other team to progress at pace. So… How does video commerce fit in?

What is headless commerce? 

Headless commerce allows you to deliver any customer shopping experience without excessive investment in the backend to support it. How is this possible? Headless commerce is a separation of the front end and back end of an eCommerce application. It means the e-commerce platform can store, manage, and deliver without a front-end delivery layer. As a result, on the front end, teams are free to create any customer experience needed to achieve business goals.

Headless commerce is a fundamental shift in the back end architecture of an e-commerce platform that makes the customer experience better. 

This architecture offers brands freedom to build whatever and however they want. Most importantly, it enables brands to enrich the customer experience.

headless commerce uses APIs

One key element of headless commerce is the use of APIs and microservices. A headless commerce architecture delivers a platform via a RESTful API that comprises a back-end data model and a cloud-based infrastructure. Developers can then use APIs to deliver things like product feeds, shopping carts, blog posts or customer reviews to any screen or device. Meanwhile, front-end developers can get present that content using any framework they desire.

In headless commerce, true omnichannel experiences become possible

Headless commerce becomes a critical part of every retailer’s innovation strategy, delivering new functionality and experiences that engage customers unique to their brand and stay ahead of customer expectations. Perhaps even surprise and delight that fickle customer eager to find something more than a self-service website just like every other one out there.

The Benefits of headless commerce are very clear to progressive brands:

  • Competitive advantage – speed to market of new channels and approaches creates differentiation based on something Confer With values deeply: agility
  • Better employee adoption – if it’s simpler, the chances are more people in the organisation are going to embrace new channels. The change curve  is less steep, and utilisation is democratised
  • Personalisation – headless commerce Gives the ability to build custom experiences, based on an experience a customer prefers
  • Cost saving – built the body once, change the clothes for the day saves businesses millions in development costs 
  • It makes video commerce possible and accessible – while it’s possible to execute true video commerce without headless commerce, it’s infinitely cheaper using these a headless platform
  • Separation of church and state – development teams can get in with what they are good at (engineering) and design/CX teams can focus on visual interface interaction on the front front end. People can focus on what they are great at, giving you, the business what you need from both sides, free from dependencies 
  • The chance of true omnichannel experiences – at the heart of omnichannel is the breaking down of silos – technical, operational, creative. Shared infrastructure, particularly in the data layer gives consistency of experience for the customer
  • Seamless integrations – headless commerce allows straightforward tech integration. Standards in the way data is exchanged, facilitates  repeatable implementations

Video commerce is an elegant execution of headless commerce

Video commerce utilises headless commerce. It enables any e-commerce provider to produce a storefront, putting live video front and centre. Utilising product data and making it relevant enough to a live video interaction deepens the customer experience. All of a sudden, the following is possible: a customer can communicate needs, ask those specific unique questions to them and if appropriate, buy the product inside the experience. That can deliver levels of service well beyond the work it out yourself, self-service experience currently on offer.

How Confer With Works

Live video shopping is still very much in its infancy. More often than not, it’s a FaceTime call and is often not a storefront. In this sense, you should argue that it’s body-less commerce – where data doesn’t meet the front end video interface. 

The best experiences utilise connected video commerce – an experience that blends live data and live video. Learn how it works on the Confer With platform.

Confer With is connected video commerce

Confer with is architected to plug into any headless system – be that e-commerce, customer data, recommendation Engines, customer service tools, scheduling and more. If there is a data point that can

Enhance the customer experience, Confer With plugs into it to ensure the live video experience is enhanced. 

Who are the top headless eCommerce providers? The list is growing, but the main platforms are all now headless, allowing Confer With to plug in and drive customer outcomes: 

How do I learn more?

Set up a demo of Confer with, and learn how you can enhance the customer experience. Book a time in our calendar here.

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