Live video shopping: 5 step guide to increase online sales

live video shopping

Wondering how you can increase your online sales with live video shopping? In this article, we cover: 

  • Make products shoppable 
  • Set up appointments: before, during and after 
  • Track sales 
  • Immerse your customer in your product 
  • Scaling your video sales solutions 


1. Make live video shopping products shoppable to increase online sales

Your video sales solution is an opportunity to convey trust, credibility and immersion which once before was not possible with static imagery. However, more can be done to bridge the gap between physical experiences and online selling. Confer With’s platform integrates with an eCommerce storefront, meaning all products are made shoppable. This invites a collaborative experience between the customer and expert where they can both freely add items to the basket for a later purchase. 


2. Set up appointments: before, during and after 

Aside from walk-in appointments, the customer journey can begin before the video call is initiated. To capture customers across multiple touchpoints, ensure your video platform integrates with appointment booking software. From there, appointments can be made and be allocated to the correct expert based on geographical location and skills-based routing. Confer With’s matching software allows experts to rebook appointments during and after the call to help nurture high ticket customer relationships.  


3.Track sales 

Does your video software offer bespoke reporting? Are you able to track conversions, average order value and length of calls? Tracking sales is a key component to identifying underlying issues, opportunities and plan for the quarter ahead. Live video shopping is still in its infancy, so tracking is crucial to monitor and ensure success. Confer With creates bespoke reports for their customers, ensuring retail experts can optimise their sales process.  


4. Immerse your customer in your product 

To maximise opportunities from your video sales solution – immersing the customer in your product is crucial. The first question to ask is, what can the expert be doing better?  

Points to consider: 

  • Use appropriate devices to film, effective lighting and branding if at home or contact centre.
  • Pre-planning virtual appointments can mean having products at their disposal to show 
  • Be wary of body language and convey using clear spoken language 

Establishing trust and authenticity falls on how expert demonstrates the product too. Are they using all available features made to them?

Confer With’s features include sharing functions where the customer can view images, videos and product specs. 

Following a needs-based analysis, experts can also utilise alternatives and add on functions to upsell and cross-sell from the core product, increasing conversion rates of up to 10x-20x. 


5. Scaling your video sales solutions with live video shopping 

If you are a retailer hosting several online domains in different languages, then reflecting consistent brand operations is key. Confer With’s headless commerce enables quick to market deployment across different domains in multiple languages. Headless commerce enables your designers to have full control of the front-end as it’s completely detached from the backend. To leverage effective scaling, Confer With’s consultation team is at hand to support complex operations. 

Find out more about Confer With sales solutions and regularly see a 10x-20x increase in conversion rates and 100% increase in average order value. Book a demo here to find out how live video shopping can greatly increase your online sales.

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