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How Confer With are Changing the eCommerce Game with the Suggestions Feature

Confer With has revolutionised the way that online brands interact with their customers through live video shopping. To help bridge the gap between physical and digital, our suggestions feature enables virtual retail teams with tools to upsell, down-sell, and cross-sell straight from the recommendation engine.

There is an overwhelming demand for online retailers to replicate in-store interactions. Customers are no longer placing priority on brands who deliver just on price, but those who deliver on personalisation and building strong customer relationships. However, instead of delighting customers, brands often miss precious opportunities to increase average order value, conversions and overall satisfaction. By leveraging our suggestions feature, we aim to change this.  

With immersion, such as the suggestions feature, experts can show a variety of products, one-to-one with the customer. 

Psst! To find out more about how an expert can show products to a customer, take a look at our demonstration feature, where we show our we take immersion one step further.

The expert is able to upsell and down-sell according to the customer needs. Then, customers can decide which item best suits their initial want, after been given full product specifications. 

Confer With empowers online retailers to curate hyper-personalised baskets  

By using Confer With, experts can navigate products via the recommendation engine which allows them to show alternatives, add ons and search for meta products. This allows them to personalise the customer journey, which can be built on a needs-based analysis.  

With a filter system and a search bar, it is quick and easy to search for a variety of options that offer similar functions. These features mentioned all aid the expert in this process: 

  • Alternatives – allows a selection of different suggestions for products that offer the same function that the customer would like.  
  • Add ons – allows the ability to cross-sell a product, where experts can add different products to the virtual basket. For example, if the customer wanted a bike, it is only suitable that the expert sells them a helmet.  
  • Search bar – the search bar an efficient method to find the products that have the features that your customer is after. This saves time and energy, and the overall satisfaction of the decision process increases.    
the expert can switch between alternatives, add ons and search

Why is personalisation pivotal for business success?

The suggestions tool allows customers full immersion into the company’s products. Both parties are able to edit the shared virtual basket, but the expert is also able to show alternatives. This can empower teams to beat sale targets by increasing average order value and conversion rates, as the experts are able to show the customers different products.  Customers are then equipped with the information they need to make a decisive, confident purchase, alongside the retail expert. 

The suggestions tool empowers retail with innovative technologies to navigate the customer through an immersive and personalised journey. The Confer With suggestion feature can help retail teams adapt to fluid demands of the customer, whether they are looking for a low-value, high-end or different product altogether. By leveraging cutting-edge tools, online retailers can be one step ahead of the curve leading to conversions and repeat custom. 

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