Livestream Retail Product Feature

How we are Supporting Virtual Retail Experts with our Add Ons Feature

The add ons feature empowers retail experts to share a variety of products which are similar in nature and compliment the customer’s core product.

Why the Add-Ons feature? 

Every conversion is a missed opportunity to inflate the basket size and maximise sales opportunities. The add-on features empower virtual retail experts with tools to effectively suggest relevant products to enhance the customer’s basket.

1. The importance of a tailored shopping experience  

The add-ons feature directly caters to the customer experience – retail teams are able to personalise the individual journey.

Personalisation is seen to increase conversion rates by over 80% and continues to be a vital part of the customer journey that brands need to pay attention to. With the add ons feature, retail experts are able to demonstrate and present products relevant to the individual.  

2. Hyper personalisation leads to an improved average order value

Forbes, illustrated Amazon’s success through the recommendation engine, stating that it brings in 35% of the companies overall revenue. “Using data from individual customer preferences and purchases, browsing history and items that are related and regularly bought together, Amazon can create a personalised list of products that customers actually want to buy.” 

By allowing the customer to see the variety of products the company have to offer outside of the core product, the experience is bound to be a good one.  

David Spitz for ChannelAdvisor, says “People often overcomplicate it, but the consumer equation is pretty simple: great selection, great prices and convenience equals a good experience.” The add ons feature is an industry must-have. 


What are the benefits?  

  • Personalisation: Experts are able to personalise the customer experience through tailoring the engine to suit their specific needs. If the customer is looking for something specific to add to their core product it is easily done with a click of a button. Customers are continuously looking for a personalised experience online – one that matches in-store efforts. With the Add-Ons Feature the expert is able to do exactly this, and show related products that may satisfy them further. 
  • Cross-selling: The main purpose of the feature is to allow the expert to cross-sell different products and then increase the average order value along with customer satisfaction. Through using the recommendation engine and the search bar the expert is able to explore different products to add onto the core product already picked out. It makes this easy and seamless – so when your customer asks for something additionally that is specific, it is stress-free.  
  • Navigation: the Add-Ons Feature allows the expert to easily navigate the platform and the companies product. At Confer With, we have made the platform as easy as possible, so experts are able to get where they need to be, and customers are able to see what they need. With the addition of the Add-Ons Feature, both parties are able to explore the products available, making video commerce more immersive.

Start empoering your retail team with our live video shopping platform.

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