The Conversion Rate Game Changer: The Virtual Shared Basket

How can the virtual shared basket power 10x conversions

Online Cart abandonment is a growing worry among the retail industry. Confer With aims to power conversions through its core feature – the virtual shared basket.

It now offers them an opportunity to collectively tailor the basket and products to their needs and wants, together, with the company.  

Transforming cart abandonment into conversions  

Collaborative efforts have been revolutionised with the introduced of the virtual shared basket. It offers a seamless and efficient experience, increasing satisfaction and conversion rates.  

Before the virtual shared basket, cart abandonment is a risk no company wants. Along with cart abandonment, also comes poor conversion rates.  

Low conversion rates could be because: 

  1. Your site has poor navigation, 
  1. Your customers do not trust your brand and therefore are not willing to invest, 
  1. Your customers do not understand the product and therefore cannot justify spending time and money on it.  

To explore a more detailed analysis on conversion rates, read our guide on improving conversion rates here.  

image showing a virtual shared basket super imposed on a mobile phone

Replicating retail experiences

The innovation behind the virtual shared basket is to prevent cart abandonment and increase conversion rates through collaboration and higher engagement. By supporting the customer throughout the virtual process, it allows for bigger purchases.  

The virtual experience, then, is immersive and inclusive, allowing brands to convert a higher quantity of customers at the click of a button. Here are some examples on how the video experience can improve conversion rates rapidly: 

  1. Face to face communication  

By getting your customer that human interaction, they desperately crave from the lack of physical stores, it allows them to trust you and invest in the company. With the virtual basket, you are able to collaborate face-to-face to get to the desire end-product – a satisfied customer.  

  1. Personalised shopping experience 

With a combination of the recommendations feature and the virtual shared basket, both the customer and the expert are able to edit, deduct and add different products into the experience. Through collaboration and communication, the experience is personalised to cater to the customer’s exact needs.  

  1. Increase average order value 

Again, with our recommendations feature and our virtual shared basket, the expert is able to suggest different, complementary products to go alongside the core product. The customer is able to see all presentations of the product, the specification and the price, so they are able to add it into their basket if wanted. Resulting in, an increased average order value.  

To find out more about our suggestions feature, be sure to check out our article here.

  1. Satisfied needs  

Finally, your customer comes away satisfied. They have had the human interaction allowing them to trust the product and the brand, alongside different recommendations and a shared basket. The whole process is collaborative and inclusive, allowing the customer to feel at ease, and most importantly, satisfied.  

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