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Video sales takes your static eCommerce experience and adds a human touch to deliver in-store experiences, online. It utilises your best resource – humans. Humans who can ask in-depth customer questions, share products and empathically personalise each call; virtually bringing a wealth of enhancements to a somewhat self-directed shopping journey. 


How can you use Confer With to increase video sales? 


1. Identify needs 


Why is identifying customer needs essential? 

Customers expect it:

76% of customers now expect companies to understand their needs, showcasing the growing demand for retailers to gain precious insights into their intents and interests.

Not only will this benefit the customer in finding the right product, but it will also benefit your brand to deliver faster solutions, improve your products and reducing the number of customer queries  


How does Confer With equip retailers to identify needs? 


Two-way video chat:

Our two-way video chat service creates an opportunity where in-store conversations happen online. The expert can immediately begin to identify what the customer is looking for and gain a number of insights to tailor the experience.

Whilst other solutions focus on automated chatbots, this overcomes assumptions and enables businesses to provide highly accurate advice through the power of video. 

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2. Sharing products in video calls


Why is sharing products important? 


80% of all information perceived is visual, combine with the 47% of U.S online consumers rating high-quality product images as the most influential factor when purchasing online; it paints a clear picture that sharing products is highly impactful. 

The Confer With platform integrates with your eCommerce engine, gaining access to product assets such as the gallery, product specs and videos. This, in turn, helps boost the experience as customers can gain a 360 degree of every product to help support them make informed purchase decisions.  

Meanwhile, you can show your customers around the showroom, store or even in the comfort of your own home if you have products on hand; otherwise, the product assets will help support the video call

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3. Upselling and cross-selling with the Alternatives and Add Ons feature 


Why is upselling and cross-selling important? 


Typically, upselling occurs with returning customers, the probability of selling is between 60%-70%, compared to 5%-20%. However, why can brands only upsell to returning customers? What if you can upsell in their first interaction? 

The same applies to cross-selling, brands have KPIs to achieve and without intricate personalisation tactics to appeal to audiences, it is a task to inflate the average order size. 

How does Confer With technology increase upselling and cross-selling? 

Research suggests that 49% of consumers purchase the product they didn’t initially intend to buy after receiving personalised recommendations; so our alternatives and add ons feature is the perfect complement.  

Alternatives feature 

Experts using Confer With have access to the Alternatives feature, which gives them a list of product options that are similar in nature. For example, a customer can be looking at a two-seater sofa, but from identifying the customer preferences, the expert may feel a corner sofa is more suitable. 

The alternatives list will provide a number of options that are higher and lower in value, allowing the expert to upsell when applicable; meaning it does not come across as a hard sale. 

Add ons feature 

To cross-sell, the add ons feature will allow experts to suggest relevant products to complement the core product.  

If we take the sofa example, an expert will have access to a list of options including cushions and armchairs. 


4. Increasing video sales conversion rates with the shared virtual basket 


As eCommerce sales rise, shopping cart abandonment closely follows. According to recent research, the average shopping cart abandonment rate across all industries is 79.8%, equating to a value of $4.6 trillion worldwide. 

Whilst there are many marketing channels aimed at guiding customers to complete the purchase, here are reasons why your customers will not commit. 

1. Not confident enough to complete

Considered purchases online involve heavy research, which customers are more than willing to do. If you do not have enough information readily available on your website, expect your shoppers to look elsewhere.

2. Still checking out your competition 

With so many alternatives out there, customers have the tendency to “tab themselves out” whereby, they unintentionally transform their browser into a tab marketplace, holding far too many options to consider. 

Eventually, they are exhausted from the information overload and take a step back before rejoining the search. 

3. Unsure about your processes 

Are you clear on refund policies, guarantees, and delivery costs? Clear information on your business processes is vital for not only reassuring the customer they are choosing to shop with a respected brand but will increase your chances of retention when the experience is a positive one.


How does the Confer With virtual basket help? 


The shared virtual basket invites a collaborative experience inside the video call. Both the customer and expert can add and remove items, ensuring both are on the same page. 

Meanwhile, your best resource, the human, can be there to reassure the customer of any hesitations that may deter them from completing the process. Interviews with our clients suggest the highly personal service alone is enough to stop a customer from switching to a competitor.  

Once your expert has delivered an exceptional customer service experience, the customer can be invited to add all to checkout. This means once the conversation ends the customer can complete the transaction.  

This process has seen conversion rates increase by 30x. 


5. Building customer relationships with the rebook tool 


Why is building customer relationships important? 


71% of consumers are thinking more carefully about purchasing, with technology playing a big part in the customer journey. Customers collect information compiled from reviews, videos and brand websites to support considerations.  

 For considered purchases, one interaction with a retailer is not enough. For high-value items and new customers, time is needed to build a positive perception of your brand. 


How Confer With’s Rebook tool can help


The Confer With rebook tool is a way to build those all-important customer relationships. When on a video call, your team member can rebook a future appointment with the customer to ensure two things. 

1. The continue the conversation with the same expert 

  • Customers grow frustrated when they have to repeat information, so by rebooking with the same expert you are streamlining the sales process. 

2. Follow-ups that keep them away from your competitors 

Brands that deliver exceptional customer service will reap in the benefits. 80% of shoppers will buy from a retailer if they receive personalised experiences. 

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