How Much Daily Traffic are Online Retailers Missing Out On?

live video shopping 24/7 support

Question: When do you think your retail store’s busiest hours are? Answer: It’s not in the morning just before work, it’s not even when most people are taking their lunch break. It’s actually when the average 9-5 ‘workday’ is over, and people are relaxing at home, scrolling on their phones with their feet up after […]

Meeting online customer expectations with one-to-one live video shopping


Modern consumers now expect a whole lot more from their online shopping experience than they did in the past. One-to-one live video shopping is the way for retailers to ensure their eCommerce platforms provide a standard of service to match what would be expected from in-store shopping.   What is one-to-one live video shopping?   […]

How our Search Feature Supports your Virtual Retail Teams 

We love talking about our features as it has helped virtual retail teams deliver outstanding customer experiences. Today we are sharing our love for the Search Feature. Simple it sounds, but it packs a punch and has made shopping with Confer With, easy.  What is the search feature?  It is an embedded tool that allows […]

How eCommerce product descriptions and images influence the customer buying journey

images and product descriptions

You could be losing potential customers if you are not investing in outstanding image quality and well-informed eCommerce product descriptions. As fewer are entering in-store to complete a purchase, customers are depending on online research and resources to make informed product decisions.   In a recent survey, DigitalCommerce360 discovered…   70% of US shoppers are […]