Judge a book by its cover: images and product descriptions are pivotal in influencing the customer buying journey

images and product descriptions

You could be losing potential customers if you are not investing in outstanding image quality and well-informed product descriptions. As fewer are entering in-store to complete a purchase, customers are depending on online research and resources to make informed product decisions.  

In a recent survey, DigitalCommerce360 discovered…

  • 70% of US shoppers are more likely to buy from a relevant product page 
  • 46% of US shoppers will abanadon a purchase if they do not find detailed product information online 
  • 30% of US shoppers will not purchase if product images are missing or poor quality  

When looking at how online shoppers research products, only 10% visit physical stores. All other methods are online and through voice chat (Amazon Echo, Google Home or Siri).  

With only 10% visiting in-store, it is imperative that your shoppers are confident in buying from your brand. 

How can you transform your buying experience so inquisitive shoppers turn to loyal customers? 

Here’s how Confer With features takes your images and product descriptions to the next level 

Live video shopping brings your products to life, but at Confer With we go further to enhance the video experience. 

Our immersion features equip retailers to not only stream via video, but also leverage images, additional video assets and product descriptions.  

Engaging with your customers means the expert has everything they need to educate to the highest standard.  

Snug’s Virtual Retail Advisor  Matt Hazelden, shared “This Technology and user experience is going to explode in the UK Market”.  

So are you ready to make the change and see your conversion rates increase by 30x? Book a 10-minute demo today using our scheduling tool. 

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