Five Reasons Why Consumer Electronic Brands Need Live Video Shopping 

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Research from Think with Google states that 63% of YouTube viewers bought from a brand as a result of seeing it on YouTube. Not only does this articulate the powerhouse that video is when influencing purchase decisions online, but also begs the question: is live video shopping now the most successful form of online sales?

So, if you are a consumer electronic brand, why should you consider live video shopping? Here are the top five reasons. 

Do you already use Zoom for virtual appointments? Here’s what you are missing out on.

Considered purchases need expert advice online 

In recent years, online sales across consumer electronics have accelerated, and there are no signs of it slowing down. Considered purchases once thrived in physical locations due to the social element of speaking to a human and touching a product, but now it’s all happening online. 

“But I’m already using live chat for expert advice”

although live chat can serve as an efficient customer service tool to answer basic queries, shoppers are still growing frustrated when no resolution is reached via chat. 

In a recent survey from eGain, 53% of respondents found chat software to be ineffective or only somewhat effective. A further 59% shared their frustration on repeating information onto a human agent.  

Live video shopping instantly connects your customers to an expert where a conversation can start immediately. Confer With technology enables your staff to personalise product suggestions based on their customer’s needs.  

Learn more about these differences in our article on Chatbots vs Live Video Shopping  

Compete against Amazon based on customer experience 

It comes to no surprise that in 2020, the top online store in the consumer electronic segment was Amazon. 

While Amazon wins on price and delivery, your brand instead can optimise its customer experience journey, which in turn, reaps rewards. 

Check out these CX stats:

Source: techjury 

  • 60% of customers trust reviews that come from friends, family and other customers 
  • 73% of customers are influenced by customer experience when making a purchase  
  • 86% of customers say that they are ready to pay more if it means receiving a better customer experience 
  • Double the revenue of your business in 36 months if you improve the customer experience of your business to a satisfactory level 
  • According to 67% of customers, companies are working towards improved customer service 

Live video shopping can connect with customers across a number of digital touchpoints, in turn converting a light touch inquiry to a completed sale. As a result, visitors become repeat custom. 

Verified Trustpilot review commenting on Confer With's great service with live video shopping
Customer Trustpilot Review

Scale across stores, contact centres and WFH with live video shopping

Your consumer electronic brand can deploy staff across stores, contact centres and even home environments. The Confer With platform integrates to your eCommerce engine, granting access to your entire product inventory. 

Meanwhile, your staff can also leverage tools to support their selling across a variety of locations. Having all your products at your team’s disposal allows for a unified channel experience, in turn reducing barriers and creating a seamless transaction. 

Build basket size with Confer With’s add ons feature 

Your team can basket size and inflate value by using our specially designed tools. The Add Ons feature recommends products in a buy flow that compliments the customer’s core product.  

For example, your team can sell a TV, and in a single touch, and complementary items such as TV remotes, soundbars and batteries will also be recommended.

See our live video shopping add ons in action

Empower your team and develop real customer relationships 

Many companies are making live video shopping a priority for 2022. Not only is it a growing channel that taps into generational consumption, it also establishes trust between your team and their customers, is easy to digest and widely used in day-to-day lives. 

Giving your teams access to technology enables them to better perform at their job whilst building strong repeat custom for the business.  

Hughes’ Head of HQ Division, Peter Harvey, shared his thoughts on this immersive video technology: 

“It’s great to suggest images of a similar product into that call and demonstrate alternatives. Even if we don’t have it available to us on the shop floor’.  

Read Hughes’ Case Study here

Empowering your teams with tools like the alternatives feature can allow them to upsell and down-sell with ease. As a result, you can better understand your customers without relying on third-party data.

Learn about our alternatives feature with live video shopping

Bonus: Considering one-way video? Here’s why immersive two-way is the future of live video shopping

Live video platforms offer one way or two-way video experiences which have little to no immersion. Yet, research suggests that customers and retail teams prefer connected video commerce to utilise video calls.  

Here are a few reasons why: 

  • It closely replicates shopfloor conversations 

Your teams can share product assets including images, product descriptions and videos to support the ongoing conversation. This creates a more immersive experience, allowing the customer to better connect to the product being sold.  

  • Search feature makes life easier 

If the conversation goes on a tangent from the core product demonstrated, your team can quickly search for the new product simply using its skew or product name.  

This feature has greatly helped our customer teams share images in quick time without a long pause or frantic minute trying to locate items on the website. 

Learn more about our search feature
  • Live reporting  

Our live reporting enables you to coach teams effectively in a simplified layout.  

  • Managing customer journeys is pain free 

Inside the video call, future appointments can be scheduled in seconds. This means your customer can remain connected to the sales advisor for all future correspondences. 

Confer With integrates with a wide range of online booking software which caters to all your needs.

Learn more about virtual appointments. 

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