Using Zoom for retail virtual appointments? Here’s what you are missing out on 

Zoom and traditional video calling software offered a quick to market solution. Now there are new opportunities to explore immersive video commerce. Here’s 6 reasons why you should change.

1. Massively improve online customer experience

What’s the problem?

Zoom, Facetime and Whatsapp calls offer a quick and simple solution to fulfilling the customer journey. Yet, the problem is it doesn’t seem to do much with offering an exciting customer experience. There is a great opportunity to be had with this. 73% of companies with above-average customer experience perform better financially than their competitor. A further 60% of customers saying customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand. Nevertheless, if you stick with traditional video calls, a self-service customer journey will be evident, greatly impacting online conversions.

What’s the solution?

Confer With transforms a self-service online journey into a highly engaging customer experience by leveraging immersive video commerce. Firstly, algorithm technology matches experts based on skills-based routing and geographical location. This means your customers can be connected to their local branch – perfect for if they want to visit in-store.

Confer with also integrates with your eCommerce store. From there, your expert can demonstrate and share products following a needs-based analysis.

Enhance live video calls with Confer With

2. Outdated approach to a growing sales channel

What’s the problem? 

For retailers looking to sell the experience and translate their brand via Zoom, they may find their options limited. And whilst the concept of Zoom and similar platforms has grown since the birth of the pandemic – the approach can be seen as outdated. Already in China, immersive live streaming platforms such as Taobao generated over $28 billion in sales and has doubled every year for the past three years. Its exponential growth stems from a number of factors including shoppable video – which allows people to purchase inside the experience. 

What’s the solution? 

Confer With’s video commerce technology enables shoppable video where the customer and expert can add items to a virtual shared basket, which is then pushed to the checkout page. It is this proactive approach to live video shopping that influences Confer With’s 10x-20x increase in conversion rates. Unlike video calls where the only engaging feature is the expert taking the call, a Confer With call integrates features to replicate an in-store environment that not only makes it a technological revolution but is also enjoyable for the customer too – leading to repeat custom. 

3. Tracking sales calls

What’s the problem?

Brands using early-stage live video tools will be limited with data. Sales calls are not tracked meaning executives are unable to identify new opportunities and areas for improvement.

What’s the solution?

Confer With provides bespoke reporting for the month, allowing brands to have greater insight into how individual experts are performing. The reporting includes conversion rates, aov, number of minutes per user etc. As brands become more confident with live video selling, Confer With are at hand with experienced consultants to ensure each month improves.

4. Lack of product immersion  

What’s the problem? 

Unless calls are taking place in-store, experts will not have the entire product inventory at their disposal. This makes it harder to personalise the experience and curate a basket that is unique to the customer. In fact, without displaying products over video – you may lose potential sales to competitors that do use immersive video commerce. 

What’s the solution? 

Confer With integrates with a bespoke recommendation engine that enables experts to have access to the entire product inventory. From there, experts can present alternatives to upsell or down-sell from the core product. Confer With’s recommendation engine supports higher average order value as experts can also demonstrate add ons which are similar to the core product. This technology empowers retailers and their team to take the call – the store is mirrored on call; something Zoom cannot fulfil. 

5. Hyper-personalisation 

What’s the problem? 

Whilst video is an effective way of building trust (52% of marketers say it is imperative to do so), customers need more convincing. In a world of data – customers want to make sure retailers are utilising data to help enhance the experience. Traditional video calls are not built on rich data therefore it makes it hard to leverage insights to personalise the customer journey. This is a missed opportunity as 80% of frequent shoppers will only shop with brands that personalise the experience.

What’s the solution? 

Confer With’s platform leverages data to empower hyper-personalisation. In addition to product immersion, experts can make highly relevant suggestions and alternatives to enhance the customer journey. Combining personalisation and product immersion will keep customers engaged and ensure that their insights are being used for their benefit. This will not only keep your existing customers loyal but will help capture new customer audiences too. 

6. Zoom fatigue and new opportunities with video calls

What’s the problem?

Zoom continues to be a prominent part of everyone’s days, from work, education, to health. This has ultimately led to people experiencing “Zoom Fatigue”, causing a detachment to the video call format. Meanwhile, retailers who continue to utilise virtual appointments may find it harder to capture customer’s interest and effectively engage with them in a way that isn’t awkward. After all, without the resources an expert will have access in-store, it is hard to convey product storytelling. 

Yet, it has ignited a new audience segment that prefers to use video for online shopping. Although solutions like Facetime offered quick to market deployment, now it’s time to focus on how to enhance your video sales solution further.

What’s the solution? 

Confer With’s immersive video commerce brings a whole new experience to video shopping. Unlike Zoom, Whatsapp or Facetime where it focuses on solely the expert’s direction – Confer With presents a collaborative online shopping experience. Experts can utilise features to show and demonstrate products that appear on the customer’s screen, to which the customer can engage and focus on what matters most – the product.  

Confer With

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