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Confer With Little

What is Confer With Little? 

The Confer With Little platform allows a simple setup and simple deployment for customers to quickly set up live video calls on the website. 

Confer With Little vs Confer With – The Differences 

The Platform is built on four key pillars, Match, Engage, Immerse, and Convert. Confer With little is built on our first two pillars, Match and Engage. 

Check out our comparison table with more information on each of the pillars below.

Confer With PillarsConfer With LittleConfer With
Match: Match customers with walk-ins or appointments.YesYes
Engage: Engage with customers via video YesYes
Immerse: Share products, images, videos and specificationsNoYes
Convert: Convert sales with a virtual shared basketNo Yes

Match: The routing of a Customer to an Expert which is triggered by the Customer via either a Walk-in or an Appointment. Controlled via the Confer With the widget, it can be deployed on all or specific pages on your website.

The widget uses intelligent matching and selects experts based on location and skill, then passes them the relevant information to start the call.

Engage: Connecting the Customer and the Expert in a two-way video, voice or chat call to establish their needs.  

Immerse: Confer With Immerses customers in the eCommerce products through sharing pictures, videos and specifications. This all happens in real-time during the video call. It delivers a truly immersive experience as it lets you curate your recommendations and make it fun for customers to shop with you. 

Convert: Confer With has an embedded Virtual Shared Basket and allows both the shopper and your team to add, update or delete items to a virtual shopping basket. Saying “Shall I add that to our shared virtual basket?” is the equivalent of taking it to the till.  

Confer With Little

Why choose Confer With?  

Our full Confer With product is for brands who want to offer complete immersive experiences via video.  

There are more features to help retail teams increase conversion rates and average order value, whilst providing a connected video commerce call. 

The full Confer With product connects to your eCommerce engine where experts can share and demonstrate products inside the video call.  

Check out our Full Confer With feature list below. 


Experts can share product assets including images, videos and product specifications to support the sales call. 


Experts can share alternative products that are similar in nature and compliment the customer’s needs. They can upsell or down-sell depending on the customer preferences. 

Add ons 

Experts can cross-sell and inflate the basket size by sharing add on products such as accessories to boost order value.  


Experts can search for any product in the catalogue via SKU or Title automatically using the configured recommendation engine and share products directly from here. 

Add to basket 

Experts and customers can add items or remove items in the virtual shared basket before pushing to the checkout page where they can complete the purchase.

Inventory check 

If enabled, experts will automatically perform a real-time or near real-time inventory check on the products and present an inventory summary showing each product variant and the stock levels. 

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