Five Tips for Selling More On Video Calls 

Video Calls

In this guide, we’ll go into detail on how you or your team can maximise each of your video calls by building real customer relationships, effectively.

1. Before the call – check your environment

Before you even start taking calls, first consider your environment. Will you be working remotely, in-store or in a showroom? Whichever it may be, make sure the background is clear and your environment is tidy. 

Take care in having all your products within arm’s reach and make sure there is enough lighting to illuminate your face.  

If you have spare time, get familiar with the products you are selling and be confident with knowing all the features and benefits as this will support your conversation further.  

If you have upcoming appointments, now is your chance to follow through and prepare the conversation with research to ensure the call addresses all the customers’ needs.  

To avoid no shows, (which does happen), send a friendly email reminding them of the call and to rephrase what will happen on the call. Little tokens like this help establish better customer relationships! 

2. Beginning the video call

Once you have started the call, it’s time to introduce yourself and address the customer’s needs. This is the opportunity to find out what they are looking for and gauge how you can better serve the conversation. 

Remember to talk clearly and be mindful of how fast you are talking too. When conversations happen online, you must consider bandwidth and how that can impact your audio.  

Your attitude matters, so make sure you come across as positive and engaged in what they are saying. Actively listen to their needs and ask questions to understand why they are on your website.  

A good example of an introduction call follows this pattern 

  1. Greet the customer and introduce yourself 
  1. Ask what they are looking for 
  1. Address the query, then investigate further with more open ended questions such as:  
  • Is it for yourself or somebody else? 
  • Have you bought from our website before? 
  • Did you know about X, Y or Z? 

Creating structure around your introduction ensures you keep the customer’s attention on you and the product.

3. Utilising the platform 

The beauty of live video calls is that they invite conversations that normally would not happen online. But how can you utilise the power of video to further enhance your calls? 

Using video to compare options 

If a customer is comparing different colours, product models or qualities, then harness the power of video!

Customers love when experts share products online as it makes the process a lot easier. While it may seem obvious, we’ve had experience with one-way providers where the expert has, in fact, disabled the camera.

Learn more here: The Drawbacks of Using a One Way Video Provider

Remember, this is not a phone call but an opportunity to replicate those in-store experiences, online.

Using alternatives and add ons to personalise the basket 

Confer With’s features have not only enabled our experts to excel in their jobs, but also empower customers to make real-time decisions with confidence.  

You may find our story on how we do this interesting: The Future of Retail Teams – Snug

Here’s how our features can help improve your sales. 


What is it? 

Suggests products of a similar nature that are higher and lower in price.  

How can you use it? 


  • If a customer has expressed specific needs which cannot be addressed in a lower end product, you can use the opportunity to educate and upsell. 

Down sell 

  • If customer expresses concern surrounding price, you can downsell equivalent products instead of losing the sale altogether. 

Do you not have these options? 

Come talk to us today, we’d love to share a platform overview of how we can improve your video sales calls, which have previously seen conversion rates increase by 30x! 

4. Know your products

This is your time to shine! Evoke story-telling by addressing the features and benefits of your recommended products to the customer. Remember, your customer will most likely be compared against your competitors, so what can you do to raise your points of difference and encourage a sale? 

Be passionate and confident when educating. Remember to bring it back to what the customer wants, and how the product’s benefits serve as a solution. 

5. Follow up calls 

If you are working with considered purchases, your customer will need time to think before making a final decision. Always recommend following up with a future appointment to discuss the options shown during the call.  

By nurturing the customer relationship, you build trust and respect which in turn results in not only a sale, but customer retention too. 

To finish up… 

Follow these five tips to improve your video sales calls. If you have any questions about our features, be sure to get in touch by using our calendar form here.

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