How our Search Feature Supports your Virtual Retail Teams 

We love talking about our features as it has helped virtual retail teams deliver outstanding customer experiences. Today we are sharing our love for the Search Feature. Simple it sounds, but it packs a punch and has made shopping with Confer With, easy. 

What is the search feature? 

It is an embedded tool that allows retail teams to search for any product using the product name or skew number.  

Why would you use it? 

Retail experts can share products inside a video call and suggest more products in a buy flow using our tools. The alternatives and add ons feature assist experts in recommending products of a similar nature (alternatives) or enhance the basket with cross-sell items (add ons).  

However, a customer may address additional needs that deviate from the core product shown. The search feature allows experts to effortlessly search for any product on your platform. 

How does it compare against competitors? 

Currently, competitors do not have this feature meaning unless the product is physically shown, the expert will have to search for the product on the website then film the results page from the recording device.  

What else can you do with the search feature? 

When searching for products, retail experts can immerse the customer by sharing images and product descriptions. 

Did you know customers will abandon purchases if an eCommerce website has no clear product descriptions and high-quality images?  

We work hard to ensure your virtual retail teams can deliver the best customer experiences online, so we equip them with the best sales tools in the market. 

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