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Social Commerce Forum x Confer With: One to One Video Triumphs

Here’s our roundup of the Social Commerce Forum.

The overall social commerce market is expected to grow from $2 billion in 2020 to $16 – 20 billion gross merchandise value by 2025.  

At Confer With we are on a mission to work with DTC brands to tap into consumers’ digital shopping habits to offer unforgettable experiences from product discovery to purchase. 

We had the pleasure to sponsor the Social Commerce Forum to share our technology with market-leading brands.

Our keynote speech left everyone ecstatic for live video shopping, especially one to one. Here are our key takeaways from the event. 

How do customers select the products they want to buy? 

  • 53% look in-store, buy online. 
  • 54% look online, buy instore. 

Source: Shopify

This shows the impact physical environments has on the customer buying journey. Whether customers are looking for good value or alternative (look in-store, buy online) or research and discover products to then purchase in-store. 

For considered purchases, product reassurance is pivotal for encouraging customers to make a decision in confidence. 

Customers love face to face 

We covered some insights on the importance of human connection 

  • There were 43% in-person channels pre covid 
  • This dropped to 23% during lockdown 
  • 35% video every week pre-covid 
  • This grew to 71% during lockdown. 
  • Since January 2020, video calls with businesses has grown from 28% to 56% in June 2021 
Using video calls to talk to businesses
Source: Vonage

How to tap into the new customer demand 

Live one to many 

Ideal for… 

  • Product discovery 
  • Quick fire sales 
  • Influencers  
  • Vertiacalised communities 
  • Seen across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok 

Live one to one 

Ideal for…

  • Product selection 
  • Assisted buying 
  • Shoppable products across the whole inventory 

What does a live one-to-one video call look like? 

  1. Skills based routing  
  • Match customers with expertise that help them to buy.
  • Video calls can be initated via appointments or walk ins.

Find out more here: Confer With’s Matching Feature that Supports Retail Teams.

2. Two-way video  

A two-way video is where the expert and customer can share their environment to support the call (customers can also disable the video).

Find out more here: Why two-way video is superior to one-way video.

3. Confer With features

  • Demonstrate  
    • Images 
    • Live video  
    • Product descriptions  
    • Product videos 

Learn more here: Transforming online customer experiences with our immersion tools

  • Alternatives  
    • Alternative product selections  
    • Experts can upsell and down sell according to customer needs

Learn more here: Boosting conversions by 30x with the help of our alternatives feature

  • Add ons  
    • Cross sell relevant add on products to their choice 
    • Inflate basket size by up to 40%

Learn more here: Boosting AOV with Confer With’s add ons feature

  • Shared virtual  
    • Collaborative product selection  
    • The expert and customer can add or remove items from basket
    • The only live video shopping platform to utilise this basket feature

Learn more here: The virtual shared basket game changer.

For more information, book a quick 10 minute demo in our calendar.

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