Virtual Appointments: Transforming Online Retail With Our Matching Feature

Virtual appointments for retail

Confer With has revolutionised the way in which brands interact with their customers through live video shopping. By allowing customers to book appointments, the expert is able to personalise the experience, based on the information they already have. This leads to several vital outcomes, such as higher conversion rates, and a higher rate of satisfaction.  

With our appointments booking feature, both parties are able to book appointments, to ultimately make the customer feel more supported and the expert more successful. Let’s explain in more detail.  

How do appointments transform customer satisfaction and loyalty? 

Today, the new digital customer demands a frictionless service – where they expect efficiency and a hyper-personalised experience. They need to be able to place their investments and trust in the right companies, where they are reassured and supported throughout the process.  

Many brands offer a digital one-to-one service, however, many miss the opportunity of the vital “follow-up” call. There is also a risk of inefficiency with one-to-one services. For example, when trying to book a call with the same expert, or trying to book this appointment through emails.  

60% of respondents, in a survey by Qudini, said they would “appreciate the option of being  able to schedule a virtual appointment with a retail advisor by phone or video.” Qudini shows the clear demand for an appointment feature, further stating that 24% would feel safer and happier, knowing that a retailer has this service available.  

This is where the appointments feature helps. By being able to schedule, cancel and appoint different calls and meeting with customers, experts are able to secure payments and conversions.  With our booking software integration, Confer With aims to power the digital customer experience  – driving higher conversions, higher basket values, and a more personalised, individualised experience.   

Confer With x Appointedd partnership to deliver outstanding online retail results

How to maximise virtual appointments with our live shopping software 

With this feature, experts are able to provide trust and security, and the customers are able to feel reassured and supported. There are two options that the appointments feature offers: 

  • Virtual Appointments – Both the customer and the retail experts are able to plan and book appointments according to their personalised schedule. Retail experts can suggest a follow-up appointment where higher conversion rates takes place and they can secure a purchase.  
  • “Walk-In” Appointments – Alternatively, when there’s no time for planning, customers are able to call customers whenever, and get immediate answers to their queries. The service is personalised and frictionless, offering the customer the individualised support they need, with the efficiency and power of technology.  

If you are interested in setting it all up, make sure to find out more about setting up virtual appointments.  

Match the right expert to the right customer 

High consideration items are complex in nature and require a level of expertise gathered from years of training. At Confer With, we understand the importance of matching the right expert to the right expert. By using intelligent algorithm matching, we are able to match an expert dependent on geographical location and skills-based rating. This means  

By allowing both parties to experience booking appointments, it allows the customers to engage with your brand. Once a customer either interacts or schedules an appointment, they are put onto a one-to-one call with a retail expert. The expert is then able to perform a needs-based analysis to hyper-personalised the customer journey. By creating this seamless dialogue between the customer and the expert, purchases can be made through trust and transparency.  

Let Confer With transform your eCommerce with a store with powerful integrations 

With this revolutionary feature, Confer With allows both parties to add items into their virtual shared basket. This reinforces the seamless experience Confer With champions, whilst keeping the relationship between the expert and the customer alight. Our software allows businesses to be in full control of the online customer journey, generating higher conversions, higher satisfaction rates and stronger brand loyalty.  

Start powering conversions with our live video shopping platform.

Book a time in our calendar to find out more about how we can work together to drive more conversions, higher average order value and strong customer loyalty. 

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