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Transforming eCommerce With Our Immersion Tools

Confer With has disrupted and transformed the way online brands can connect to their customers via live video shopping. Here we talk about our demonstration feature which empowers retail teams to display imagery, video and product specifications from their entire product inventory.

Since the birth of the pandemic, the announcement of store closures and social distancing, the response in retail was to initiate virtual appointments to capture the demand of lost customers. Many brands relied on traditional two-way video software which ill-equipped retail teams with resources to evoke strong product storytelling when selling to customers

The underlying issue is unless the expert has the product in hand, it strips back the shopping experience, resulting in lower than potential average order value, conversions and a missed opportunity to delight customers.

Driving conversions and consumer confidence

Confer With Virtual basket

For too long, eCommerce experiences involved customers browsing through overwhelming product pages, leveraged by static HTML images to base their decisions on. Many switched to video reviews or brands altogether to fuel the gap in product information and lack of customer service.  

The Confer With demonstration feature aims to alleviate such problems where inside the call, customers can get a 360-degree view of the product, inspect and answer questions to the expert in real-time.

The demonstration feature is made up of compelling components to enrich online shopping experiences. But why explain it in words when we can show you the real deal? Check it out below.

What the expert can see
What the customer can see

Why it matters for today’s retailer and beyond

ConferWith Better

Confer With’s technology equips teams with cutting-edge demonstration tools to navigate the customer through an immersive and interactive journey. The holistic approach to online shopping empowers customers with profound knowledge of products, creating a trusting bond between the retailer and shopper. Not only does it give online retailers a strong competitive differentiator, but it enables them to replicate their in-store sales to power conversions, average order value and customer satisfaction.

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