What to Consider when Implementing Live One-to-One Video Shopping Onto Your E-commerce Site to Overcome Customer Pain Points

implement live one-to-one video shopping

As e-commerce continues to grow, brands and retailers are seeking new and innovative approaches to provide a personalised shopping experience that sets them apart from competitors. Live one-to-one video shopping enables brands and retailers to connect with customers in real-time and offer tailored assistance to target their pain points. This technology has the potential to increase customer engagement, improve trust, and boost conversion rates. However, there are several factors to consider when implementing live one-to-one video shopping onto an e-commerce site.


This article will cover the following:



Ensuring quality of video call


implement live one-to-one video shopping


To ensure the best possible video call quality, brands and retailers should take steps to optimise the experience. Here are some key considerations:

Ensure a stable internet connection

A weak or unstable connection can cause buffering, lag, or even dropped calls, which can result in a negative customer experience. Consider investing in a high-speed internet connection to ensure smooth video calls.

Use a high-quality camera

Invest in a high-quality camera or laptop that can provide clear, sharp video footage.

Have great lighting

Great lighting is essential for a high-quality video call. Make sure that the area where the call will take place is well-lit and that the camera is positioned to capture the best possible lighting.

Test the video call system before launch

Before launching a live one-to-one video shopping solution, be sure to thoroughly test the video call system to ensure that it is functioning correctly and that the quality is as high as possible. Continuously conducting test calls can identify any potential issues before they affect customers.


Trained Brand Ambassadors


When implementing live one-to-one video shopping, it is essential to have brand ambassadors who are well-trained in using the video shopping platform and have in-depth knowledge of the business’s products or services. Someone who is knowledgeable and skilled in using the video shopping platform can provide a vastly superior customer experience to someone who isn’t, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Training and support for shopping assistants should cover four areas.

implement live one-to-one video shopping


Product Knowledge


Brand Ambassadors should be well-versed in the products or services offered by the business. This includes knowing the features, benefits, and pricing of each product, as well as its availability. Having a brand ambassador who has comprehensive product knowledge is essential in building trust with customers, as they can rely on the shopping assistant to provide accurate and relevant information during the video shopping session.


Video Shopping Platform Training


Brand Ambassadors should also be trained and supported in how to use the video shopping platform effectively. This includes knowing how to initiate and manage video calls, share product information and recommendations, and handle customer questions and concerns. A well-trained brand ambassador can provide a seamless and engaging shopping experience for the customer, increasing the chances of converting them into a sale.


Soft Skills Training


Soft skills such as effective communication, active listening, and problem-solving are also critical for brand ambassadors. They must be able to communicate clearly and actively listen to the customer’s needs, as well as handle any problems that may arise during the video shopping session. Training brand ambassadors in these soft skills can help ensure that the customer feels valued and heard, in turn building trust between the customer and the business.


Ongoing Support


Additionally, ongoing training and support for brand ambassadors are essential to keep them up-to-date with new products, services, and features, and to refine their skills over time. By investing in the training and support of brand ambassadors, businesses can ensure that their customers receive the highest level of service to target their pain points, leading to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue.


Monitoring customer data


To make the most of live one-to-one video shopping, it’s essential to monitor customer data. This allows businesses to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and needs, which can then be used to optimise the video shopping experience and increase conversion rates.

There are several key areas to consider when it comes to monitoring customer data.

implement live one-to-one video shopping


Analysing Customer Engagement and Feedback


Brands and retailers should track how customers are using the video shopping feature on their e-commerce site. This includes metrics such as the number of video calls initiated, the length of the video calls, and the percentage of video calls that result in a purchase. By monitoring these engagement metrics, businesses can identify trends and areas for improvement.

Feedback from customers is another valuable source of information when it comes to live one-to-one video shopping. Businesses should collect feedback through customer surveys, reviews, and feedback forms, and use this information to identify areas of the video shopping experience that customers find most valuable, as well as areas that need improvement.


Analysing Brand Ambassador Engagement


How the brand ambassador conducts themselves on a video call can make all the difference. The best video shopping platforms can track key behaviours that the brand ambassador does on the video call. The Confer With video shopping platform can predict sales performance based on 5 key actions on the video call, which can in turn be used for coaching.


Personalising the Customer Experience


By monitoring customer data, brands and retailers can gain insights into individual customer preferences, purchase history, and behaviour, which can then be used to personalize the video shopping experience for each customer. Personalisation can include targeted product recommendations, customised messaging, and personalised video calls with specific shopping assistants.

Aiming towards innovators


Staying ahead of the curve


In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive e-commerce industry, it is essential for businesses to stay ahead of the curve to remain relevant and profitable. According to Hobo SEO, “53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load, and a 2-second delay in load time resulted in abandonment rates of up to 87%”. Additionally, 84% of shoppers will reject retailers that deliver a poor returns experience (Internet Retailing). This means that businesses must constantly be on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve the online shopping experience for their customers.

Staying ahead of the curve in e-commerce means investing in innovative solutions that provide customers with unique and engaging shopping experiences. One such solution is live one-to-one video shopping.

Within regular e-commerce, NPS scores sit around 61 and 62 respectively, which are below the excellent benchmark. With live one-to-one video shopping however, these scores can rise to an impressive 70-80. By providing exceptional and unique experiences, businesses can not only retain existing customers but also attract new ones and ultimately drive revenue growth.


implement live one-to-one video shopping


Successful implementation of live one-to-one video shopping by innovative businesses


With the rise of live one-to-one video shopping, there are many innovative businesses that have implemented the solution. Retailers that have partnered with live one-to-one video shopping platform, Confer With, have seen the greatest results when targeting their customers pain points. These include luxury furniture brand Bridgman and profound skincare technology brand The Light Salon.




Bridgman’s sales representatives are able to have conversations with their clients from the convenience of their own homes by making use of Confer With’s live one-to-one video shopping solution.

Being able to see customers in person rather than just hearing them over the phone is the aspect of live one-to-one video shopping that Bridgman sales executives adore the most. The interior designer can then customise their clients’ shopping experience continuously, as well as ensuring the items they are buying are the most appropriate for their garden.

Read more about how Confer With’s platform outperforms their bricks and mortar showrooms in pure revenue terms.


The Light Salon


Operating on an appointments-only basis, The Light Salon’s skincare specialists can embrace the interactive newness of Confer With’s live one-to-one video shopping platform. They realised that the appropriate technology was required for world-class client support. In order to replicate powerful in-store interactions from the convenience of their customers’ homes, their objective was to bridge the physical and online worlds.

Confer With and The Light Salon collaborated to provide live video shopping technology to their staff. Using a virtual shared basket, their expert team can communicate with clients via video and have a two-way conversation. The expert can then determine the client’s requirements, talk about skin types, and browse the entire product line as preferences are expressed.

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Key Takeaways


  • To overcome their customer pain points, e-commerce players should implement live one-to-one video shopping solutions
  • When implementing the solution, retailers should focus on ensuring high quality of the video call, training shopping assistants, and monitoring customer data
  • Innovative businesses should take key steps to stay ahead of the curve and set themselves apart from competitors

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