4 Ways to Get More from Less Marketing Budget Through Customer Experience

4 ways to get more from less marketing budget through customer experience

Let’s face it, marketing can be a major expense for brands and retailers. But what if there was a way to get more out of your marketing budget without breaking the bank? One strategy that’s becoming increasingly popular is to focus on creating memorable experiences for your customers. By putting the customer experience at the forefront, you can build brand loyalty, generate positive word-of-mouth, and ultimately drive sales. And with the emergence of live video shopping, you can take the customer experience to a whole new level. 


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Optimise conversion rate and AOV through video calls


Challenge: The main challenge brands and retailers face in optimising Average Order Value (AOV) and conversion rates is the difficulty in providing a personalised customer experience that encourages sales. McKinsey report that 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalised interactions, and 76% get frustrated when this doesn’t happen. Traditional e-commerce methods often struggle to provide the level of personalisation necessary to engage customers and increase sales 


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Solution: Leveraging customer experience through customer-initiated live video calls has proven to be valuable in boosting conversion rates and AOV. Personalisation techniques can be implemented in a number of ways, including: through customer’s purchasing history, cross-selling and upselling complementary products, and nurturing customer-brand relationships to encourage return visitors. Confer With’s live one-to-one video shopping provides equips brands and retailers with the personalisation features to drive long-term success, seeing conversion rates soar to 20% and above, as well as an increase in AOV by 49%.  


Ad triggered video calls


Challenge: The e-commerce industry is seeing a high level of competition arise, making it difficult for brands and retailers to maintain customer loyalty and retention. Consequently, advertising costs have increased, making it more difficult to attract new customers with a limited budget.  


Solution: Creating targeted ads can offer existing customers the option to connect with a brand ambassador via a live video call. During the live one-on-one call, the brand ambassador can answer questions and address concerns in real-time, leading to increased customer retention. The targeted ads can also be used to attract new customers by offering them the option to connect with a brand ambassador to learn more about the product or live video services. This can help DTC consumer brands stand out from competitors and increase their likelihood of acquiring new customers, all while maximising advertising budgets. 


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Escalate text chat to live video for complicated sales enquiries


Challenge: For DTC consumer brands that sell complex or technical products and services, converting online customers can be extremely challenging and time consuming. Text-based communication channels, such as chatbots used in conversational commerce, can be limiting and often result in misunderstanding of queries. In fact, SalesForce report that 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is just as necessary as its products or services. 


Solution: Brands and retailers can integrate a live video option within a chat feature on their website, allowing customers to escalate the conversation to one-on-one video if needed. During the video call, brand ambassadors can demonstrate products or services, provide real-time guidance and support, and answer any questions or concerns the customer may have. Live video shopping is an effective tool in improving overall customer experience; this level of personalisation and interactive experience as a way of brands getting more from less marketing budget through customer experience. 


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Monitor customer feedback


Challenge: Collecting and analysing customer feedback can be time-consuming and costly, making it difficult for DTC consumer brands to identify areas for improvement for their business.  


Solution: Leveraging real-time customer feedback in a live video shopping platform can help brands and retailers build trust with their customers; Forbes report that 77% of consumers view brands more favourably if they seek out and apply customer feedback. By analysing feedback from live video shopping sessions, brands and retailers can identify patterns or trends that may indicate areas for improvement, such as product quality, website navigation, or customer service. This information can be used to make data-driven decisions, leading to repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth marketing, which is vital for businesses with less marketing budget.

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