Live 1-2-1 Video Shopping Demonstration

live 1-2-1 video shopping demonstration

Welcome to Confer With’s live 1-2-1 video shopping demonstration. We will showcase how our technology allows customers to connect with a member of retail staff in real-time via a live video call. This allows customers to receive personalised recommendations and assistance while browsing and shopping online. With the ability to see and interact with products in real-time, customers can make more informed purchasing decisions and receive a more engaging shopping experience.

As a result, customer satisfaction increases tremendously. This is evident in NPS scores, which reach an excellent benchmark of 80 when brands and retailers leverage Confer With’s platform.

Live 1-2-1 video shopping is a convenient, efficient, and enjoyable way for customers to shop. It combines the personal touch of in-store shopping with the convenience of online shopping.

We hope you enjoy the live 1-2-1 video shopping demonstration!

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