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Hi! My name is Finn Campbell, and I am a Sales Representative at Confer With. You may have heard me speaking to your managers and CEOs, or even seen my introduction on LinkedIn (which by the way, has the most reactions out of ALL our posts, so you might want to check it out here). But this is a different type of conversation for me. On 6th October 2022, I attended the D2C Live Conference in White City, London. This was my first eCommerce event, and so I wanted to share with you everything I learnt from it.

The purpose of D2C Live is to bring “together the UK’s leading e-commerce and retail brands, world-class technology platforms and service providers with the sole purpose of supporting brand owners to grow their businesses”. With the event being sponsored by TikTok, and over 150 people in attendance, I can honestly say it did just that! There were a range of different brands discussing how they created growth in their business, including: paint, beauty, mental health, and even health remedies

“The depth and quality of the content at D2C Live really is superb. I will be back” – Lorna Mitchell, KMI Brands

D2C Live Conference - people talking on a stage with a crowd listening to them

After our introductory tea and coffee, we were all given the opportunity to mingle, chat, and network with all the different companies at the event (not to name drop, but there were some PRETTY big brands there including Benefit, Jaaq, and Delilah Cosmetics). Although there were so many people in attendance, everyone was extremely welcoming, and it was so nice to be in a room of ambitious and hard-working people

After networking for a while, we all sat down to listen to around eight people go up on stage and talk about their experience in building and growing their own businesses. What was great to find out, was that not everyone originally came from a business background, and so I really admired the work they put in to become so successful. There were a lot of inspiring people there that were happy to share their stories with you, and so it was great to hear it directly from them.

“To hear all the stories of all the different contributors was really fascinating” – Tim Leach, Houlihan Lokey

From attending the event, I learnt how different people were able to produce and market their product, as well as the steps they’re taking to create more brand awareness, especially in the digital era. Therefore, if I had to pinpoint just one takeaway, it would be that our solution of live video shopping is incredibly compatible with all the brands that attended D2C Live, especially when targeting the digital shoppers.

I would like to thank D2C Live for hosting such an incredible event, and if you want to find out how to leverage your online shopper’s experience, then book in a call with me today.

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