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Mobile commerce is growing at exponential rates. It is forecasted to have the biggest retail growth, exceeding traditional eCommerce and in-store shopping at 12.2%. Global mobile spending is expected to reach $270 billion by 2025 and with more customers tapping into mobile shopping, it’s a crucial channel to perfect. 

Yet, more can be done. For example, 75% of eCommerce shopping was performed on a mobile device, but only 40% converted to a sale. Meanwhile, customers vent frustration at a poor mobile experience that disrupts their browsing and gives a poor reflection of website design.  

Here we discuss how live video shopping can fit in with mobile commerce by offering a step-up change in shopping on the go.

What is mobile commerce? 

Mobile commerce is the process of buying and selling items through a mobile, tablet or other handheld devices. Retailers often create dedicated mobile apps which have seen a 40% increase in downloads between 2019-2020.  

What is live video shopping? 

Live video shopping utilises eCommerce channels to connect customers to experts via a live video stream. They differ in technicalities from traditional video software such as Zoom, to offering a connected video commerce platform like Confer With. It is the connected experience that enables retailers to replicate in-store interactions through a virtual storefront. From here, they can share products and suggest alternatives before adding them to a virtual shared basket. 

Together this relationship of technologies can drive higher mobile commerce sales and improve overall customer experience. Let’s look at common pain points in mobile and see what solutions they can provide. 

  1. Bring products to life online 

Insights from Think Google argue when customers browse via mobile, they are not reliving the ultimate experience. With many saying products and experiences are not optimally represented online.  

Limited by a small screen – it is hard to convey a strong product narrative through a mobile phone. However, more of us use mobile to watch YouTube, films and speak with our friends. Live video shopping can help break down those walls between physical and digital by connecting the shopper to a retail expert. From there, they can utilise the platform to share products and navigate them through a mobile-friendly experience.  

It creates a space where shoppers do not vent frustration and poorly displayed mobile images, but instead creates a native experience that we are all familiar with – talking via video. 

  1. Educate customers on facts 

Studies suggest shoppers dislike the limitation of crucial information regarding their purchases. 

82% of smartphone users say they research on their mobile before making a purchase in-store.  

The beauty of live video shopping is that it empowers retail teams to step away from hard selling and educate customers. By leveraging tools such as add ons and alternatives features, experts can collaboratively build a basket that addresses the needs of the customer.  

Instead of leaving customers in the dark over where to find the information, mobile commerce serves as a catalyst to create meaningful customer relationships. 

  1. Avoid scrolling fatigue  

Scrolling fatigue is the most common barrier to purchase. 

Scrolling through large inventory sites presents a number of pain points on mobile. Even with optimised filtering options, shoppers can only view one or two products at one time. This can lead to complete abandonment or even shoppers making a rushed purchase without discovering your entire brand’s offerings. 

Live video shopping enables retail teams to seamlessly navigate the customer through their product offerings. After performing a needs-based analysis, the expert can present products in a buy flow that can then be added to a virtual shared basket. As it is a collaborative experience, customers can also scroll through images and add items to the basket, before pushing them to the final checkout page.  

The beauty of this relationship is it unifies your store front’s item category in one channel that removes barriers and invites a fun experience for all. 

  1. No need for app downloads 

While apps can deliver a dedicated mobile experience, research suggests there is app fatigue, where fewer people are downloading apps. 

Live video calls can be initiated without the hassle of downloading an app. This presents a truly seamless transaction from the moment the call starts to when complete checkout. This reduces any technical barriers and ensures a more inclusive environment where multiple devices are welcomed.  

Live video platforms commonly integrate with an eCommerce site by using headless commerce. In simple terms, this means the front end is decoupled from the backend. What that means is it gives full creative control to UX designers without tampering with all the complexities of the backend.  

This offers a great customisable tool meaning a live video call can blend in with the brand’s aesthetic.  

  1. 5G will enhance mobile capabilities  

What more can eCommerce sites do to utilise new 5G technologies  

It is expected that 5G will boost mobile commerce by $12 billion in 2021. To combine higher speeds and lower latency powers customer experiences and fuels customer service tools.  

Retailers can be equipped with technology to deliver essential information and advice at quick speeds. This means hyper-personalisation through live video shopping can be deployed effectively. 

By personalising the engagement throughout the customer journey, it can enable smooth live video shopping experiences in quick time. Meanwhile, as technology continues to evolve, live video can adopt AR and VR capabilities without sacrificing precious loading times.  

About Confer With 

Confer connects customers from your eCommerce site to a live virtual store, empowering retail teams with technology to replicate in-store experiences that set you apart from competitors. To find out more, come chat with us today. 

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