Announcement: Confer With shortlisted for RTIH Startup of the Year awards!

RTIH Awards

We are excited to share that Confer With has been shortlisted for the Retail Tech Innovation Awards in the Startup Category!  The award will recognise the Startup with the most innovative technology offering and the company which is best placed to succeed in the long term. The award looks at management, funding and retail customer portfolio.   We continue to bridge the gap between […]

Powering Mobile Commerce with Live Video Shopping 

mobile commerce

Mobile commerce is growing at exponential rates. It is forecasted to have the biggest retail growth, exceeding traditional eCommerce and in-store shopping at 12.2%. Global mobile spending is expected to reach $270 billion by 2025 and with more customers tapping into mobile shopping, it’s a crucial channel to perfect.  Yet, more can be done. For example, 75% of eCommerce shopping was performed […]