How Live Video Shopping is Powering 5G Retail

5g retail live video shopping

Lower latency, higher speeds and larger capacity has gifted 5G retail with immense opportunities. As we are entering into a new generation of blended retail, it all creates added pressure to be equipped with the right technology. In today’s article, we explore how Confer With is powering 5G retail with smooth live video shopping experiences. 

We are big on blended retail experiences and have spoken on phygital technology and how live video shopping enhances the customer experience. Be sure to check those articles out.

What is 5G? How is it different from 4G? 

For those unaware, the step-up in 5G welcomes a plethora of exciting new changes and improvements.

Lower latency 

Latency is the delay between a command being issued by the user and a response being received. To put it into context. 3G = 65 milliseconds. 4G = 40 millisecond and finally 5G which, for mission-critical and IoT devices is 1 millisecond.    


5G is a powerhouse when it comes to speed. 5G operates at speeds ten times faster than 4G, hitting 1Gb/s. Experts also predict that this will eventually reach 10Gb/s, unsheathing 5G’s full potential.  

Again, to help put it into perspective. To download a film in 3G would take just over a day. 4G sped things up to 7 to 10 minutes. 5G? Anywhere between 4 to 40 seconds. Of course, we are all used to streaming, but it’s nice to download a film quicker than you can say the title. 


5G enables more network capacity by expanding into a new spectrum, millimetre wave creating higher frequencies to be accessed. For example, 4G performance was dependent on number of other mobile devices connected. Ever go to a busy stadium and the connection would drop? That’d be why. Instead, 5G has more headroom and can scale coverage to users’ needs.  

5G and its impact on eCommerce and retail 

So what does mean for brands and telecommunication providers?  

Experts predict that 5G will boost global mobile eCommerce revenue by $12 billion in 2021. Higher speeds and lower latency allow customers to embrace on-the-go purchases quickly and brands can immerse customers further.  

For example, by leveraging 5G technology, brands can deliver hyper-personalised information at lightning speed. This can help reduce customer drop-off and cart abandonment, as the right information is available immediately.  

5G builds retail teams of the future 

Contact centres and virtual retail teams are creating a new generation of retail workers. 5G enhances this change by delivering higher bandwidth connection which improves salespeople ability to sell. It can also improve employee and on-the-job training. 

How live video shopping powers 5G retail  

Confer With’s live video shopping technology is the ultimate accompaniment in 5G retail. Lower latency enables smooth live video shopping experiences in quick time. Meaning customers can be immersed regardless of what device they are using.  

Due to its larger capacity, scaling Confer With’s platform among contact centres can be executed with ease. It adds to the seamless experience between the customer and the expert, who can deliver personalised advice, quickly. 

This can enable brands to effectively scale an optimised team of dedicated experts within a contact centre or in-store. Live video shopping technology can power personalisation and immediate connections to customers online. 

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