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Whether it’s concerns around training staff to use the platform, the location of the calls, or even having a team to answer calls at all, these are all valid questions when it comes to integrating one-to-one live shopping. But, there’s no need to worry, because we have got you covered on everything you need to know when introducing this exciting new service.

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Where should my team be answering calls? Do I need a dedicated call centre?

The simple answer to this question is that your team can take calls from wherever best suits them and your business.

Confer With offers a one-to-one video shopping platform that is as easy to use for your staff as it is for your customers. As a result, there are no particular requirements as to where you can take your calls. Our platform can be downloaded as an app onto your colleagues phone, or logged into from any laptop and they will be ready to go! All you need is a device with an internet connection and a camera!

This means how you run your live video shopping service is down to you. If you want, you could have staff taking calls from inside a showroom, giving them the chance to directly showcase products over the camera alongside displaying them onto the customers screen.

Similarly, if you are a larger business or expect to receive a larger volume of calls, it is just as easy to fit a live video shopping service into your call centre structures.

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Flexible working for retail staff with one-to-one live video shopping

With the world of work now shifting more than ever to flexible and at home structures over the years, live video shopping enables you to extend these changes to the world of retail

The flexibility of our Confer With platform enables you to offer the chance of working from home for retail staff in a way that was never possible before.

And with the decline of brick and mortar retail subsequently seeing over 200,000 jobs lost in retail, this flexibility allows you to retain the valuable skillset and expertise of your sales team who may otherwise have been lost as the market changes around retailers.

What training do I need to provide for my staff on one-to-one live video shopping?

The good news is that because our platform is so easy for staff to use, it will not take long for them to adapt to this new side of retail at all. However it gets even easier than that!

At Confer With, we offer training for all of your colleagues to prepare them for providing a one-to-one live video shopping service.

This means that when you are ready to go live with our platform, your sales team will feel confident and assured, ready to deliver their sales expertise in the world of eCommerce.

Woman on the laptop showing the sales assistant using one-to-one live video shopping

But what if I don’t have a sales team available to answer one-to-one live video calls?

No need to worry about that either! If you don’t have the staff available to provide one-to-one live video shopping, then Confer With has their own fully trained team of customer support experts who are ready to provide this service on behalf of your company.

This means that whatever the size of your business, and the resources available to you, one-to-one live video shopping is an accessible service ready made to boost your sales wherever your company is at.

If you want to know more about how to get one-to-one live video shopping up and running on your website, visit our step-by-step guide here. If you want to see how it works in practice, book a live demo with a member of the Confer With team!

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