Buying Watches via Live Video Shopping – The Use Case

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watches use case

Matching Shoppers with Experts

Whether your customers are looking for a classic mechanical watch, smartwatch, or hybrid watch; each style requires immediate, real-time expert advice. However, on an eCommerce store, the human element is absent.  That’s why the Confer With platform matches your experts with shoppers showing strong intent or curiosity in buying a watch. Offer support throughout the buying journey and ensure your customers can purchase with confidence. 

watches use case

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Engaging with an Expert

Once a customer interacts with a product or schedules a virtual appointment, they are connected to a one-to-one video call. Inside the video call, the expert is able to identify exactly what the customer wants. Wearable tech? Modern styles fused with classic touches? Maybe something more personable that matches their style? All these questions can be asked and answered immediately. By creating effective digital dialogue it equips your team with valuable customer knowledge to deliver a hyper-personalised experience online. 

watches use case
Confer With Immersion

Immersing a Customer and Understanding Needs

What makes the Confer With platform superior to a traditional video call appointment is the immersion it offers to the customer. By uploading your entire product feed you have access to the entire library of products and services you can offer.  

  • You can monitor stock levels,  
  • Combine customisable features to create a unique product for the customer 
  • Demonstrate imagery, videos and physical products  
  • Schedule future appointments online and in-store 

Leveraging Add-ons 

Achieving AOV targets comes with its hurdles. To overcome the self-service navigation that is notorious for yielding low conversion, the Confer With platform also offers different features to curate a basket based on the customer needs. 

  • Using the alternatives feature, the expert can showcase different products in a variety of colour and styles. 
  • Using the additions feature, the expert can demonstrate accessories, such as cases, wallets, bags and jewellery for the customer to consider. From there, the expert can then demonstrate using imagery and video to immerse the customer further. 
  • The expert can show product specifications including the watches’ core functions (tachymeters, compasses, water resistance, thermometers etc). 

A full deal flow for each product can be created based on customer interactions and needs identification – leading to a substantial increase in AOV and helps scale high margin products 

Confer With Virtual basket

Making it easy to buy, then and there

Confer With have developed a virtual shared basket technology that allows the customer and the watch expert to add items to the virtual shopping basket. Once the sale begins to close, the expert can present the customer with the shopping basket. If the customer likes what they see, they can add it to their bag without the expert’s input. Equally, if they don’t like what they see, it is easy to remove. 

Interested in a demo for the watch use case?

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