Why Online Customer Reviews Matter for your eCommerce Store

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Why do online customer reviews matter for my business? 


Plays a pivotal role in the customer journey


92% of shoppers admit they rely on reviews to make a purchase. That means wherever they are in the customer journey, it’s highly likely they will gather any online customer reviews to make an informed decision. Customers who are comparing alternatives may look at reviews to filter out mistrusted brands.


Social proof your business and drive trust 


If a customer hasn’t purchased from you before, chances are they are feeling sceptical about your brand. 54% feel little trust towards brands before undertaking further research. In a world of scams, data breaches and poor-quality products, brands need to understand just how sensitive they are against poor reviews. 63% of customers are more likely to buy from a brand if they social proof with reviews.


Identify areas for troubleshooting and product development  


Paying attention to your negative reviews will be a gruelling task – but it’s important to take a positive spin. If you identify reoccurring themes with your delivery processes, product features, customer service etc., it will offer precious insights into where you should be focusing your attention on.  


…and why negative reviews should not be feared 


Believe it or not, negative reviews can build the credibility of your business. We live in an era of fake reviews (Trustpilot removed 2.2 million bogus reviews in 2020, equating to 6% of all published reviews), but customers are growing increasingly aware of this fake review epidemic. 82% of shoppers search for negative reviews, increasing to 86% among shoppers under the ages of 45.

If you have negative reviews, make sure you respond and respect the customer’s feedback. Ensure all queries are raised and follow up when necessary. Onlookers will see this and take into account your prompt actions.


Advertising alongside review sites will generate higher sales 


Building and retaining customer loyalty in the digital realm is a steep mountain to climb. That’s why leveraging customer reviews in your advertising is pivotal for increasing online sales. Reviews are trusted 12 times more than any other marketing materials, demonstrating the true force of customer opinion. 63% of US consumers agree a good Trustpilot review makes them more likely to trust a brand. A further 61% agree that it will encourage them to purchase from the brand.  


Key takeaways 


Customer reviews are not to be neglected and as a brand, you should be doing all you can to encourage reviews in order to build credibility and hold strong influence over your potential customer shopping journey.

The average customer is willing to spend 31% more on a brand that has excellent reviews; so, it’s time to ponder on how you go about getting those reviews.  


How can I get better customer reviews for my eCommerce business? 


You’ve got the product, you’ve got the service, but your visibility in customer reviews is lacking. Here are 5 ways to generate more online customer reviews for your eCommerce business.


  1. Ask your customers 

As the conversion is ending, you can suggest leaving feedback on their experience on websites such as Trustpilot. And be honest – customers who leave positive feedback have massive influence over future purchase decisions of potential customers. It’s OK to express this to the customer as they will (hopefully) be so impressed with your service, that they want to share it with others. 

  1. Create a follow-up process 

Online interactions create a digital footprint that is easy to follow. It is pivotal to follow up on your customer experiences and remind them they can leave a review on your chosen website reviews to help future customers make the right decision.  

  1. Offer an incentive 

Offering an incentive can entice your customers to leave reviews. Follow up emails with the incentive in the subject header will increase your chances of customers leaving reviews on selected review sites (or your own). 

  1. Create memorable customer experiences 

For a customer to leave a positive review, you need to leave them with a memorable experience that will make them want to sing and dance about your service.  

Not to trump our own horn, but when we gather customer reviews who have engaged with live video calls, we have received excellent feedback from customers. It shines a light on the importance of human interactions online, which is imperative for your eCommerce business to generate higher sales and customer loyalty.  


Customers doubtful about brand 


For first-time customers purchasing high-ticket items, not knowing enough about consumer perception can certainly deter people away. However, when you combine sales, fair refund policies and excellent customer service, you can remove doubt and ensure customers make purchases, in confidence. 


Customers looking for more product information 

Hughes’ educational approach to selling, outstanding service and delivery has led to a repeat customer. To receive a review like this boosts the Brand’s credibility and encapsulates the core ethos of providing excellent customer service.


Remove barriers and save customer’s time 

Navigating websites can be a strenuous task – especially when it is products that require thought. By allowing potential customers to speak with your team, they can bypass the complexities and ensure what they are buying, is correct.

Do you want the same online customer reviews for your business?

We are more than happy to help. Book a time in our calendar and we can begin the steps to create a faultless customer experience with live video shopping.

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