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Cart abandonment

In a recent survey from ChannelAdvisor, out of stock products ranked first among consumers for abandoning their purchase at 42%. Learn how Confer With’s technology is helping retail staff to overcome this with the inventory check feature. 

Why it’s needed. 

(Source: ChannelAdvisor) 

What is cart abandonment? 

In eCommerce terms, cart abandonment is used to describe a visitor on a web page, who adds an item to checkout but exits before completing the purchase. Another key metric to consider is browse abandonment too. 

The primary issue – out of stock products 

Visitors who land on your page will explore categories or be directed to the product via organic or paid search. Now, if the item is out of stock, chances are that is enough to convince a shopper to abandon ship. 

However, if you were to open digital dialogue in the form of live video shopping – it can present new opportunities to retain the customer. 

The solution – Confer With’s inventory check feature 

We will be talking specifically about the inventory check feature, but to find out more about how Confer With works, you can head over to our Learn More Page. 

Confer With’s embedded technology enables retail experts to perform stock checks without leaving the video channel. This adds to a seamless experience where the retail expert in confidence can suggest items that are in stock. 

What if the customer’s item is out of stock? 

The alternatives feature 

The alternative feature empowers retail experts to recommend products that are similar in nature and complement the customer needs.  

For example, a customer looking to purchase a named brand TV can be suggested products of similar technical spec and value. This supports the sales of retail staff and helps customers make informed decisions with deviating from the core product. 

What is browse abandonment? 

Browse abandonment refers to visitors who browse a site, land on product pages but leave without ever adding items to checkout.  

It is crucial to optimise warm traffic to encourage shoppers through the buying journey. Stats suggest that 43.8% browse product pages on retail sites but don’t follow through and make a purchase.

(Source: Salescycle) 

The stats above show that on average 43.8% of sessions on product page views abandon the cart. This shows the opportunity to deploy digital touchpoints to maximise customer engagement.

How can I be there for customers? Widget Availability  

The Confer With widget can be deployed across all or specific category pages with customised CTAs which can easily be changed according to your businesses’ preferences.  

This ensures you can be where your customers are, at the right time. It has helped our clients achieve a 30x increase in conversion rates. Inside the call, you can expect to see AOV increase by up to 40%.

How can I build my virtual retail team?

From who to source, how to train and develop an effective retail team, head over to our dedicated guide on building virtual teams.

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