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confer with x appointedd powering virtual appointments

The Confer With x Appointedd partnership will help businesses align their goals and utilise digital sales channel to reap outstanding results when looking to increase the online customer experience. Businesses can expect to see average order value increase north of 30% when deploying virtual appointments on their website in addition to the 10 x conversation rate from appointment to paying customer. By harnessing powerful retail technology along with cutting edge booking solutions, brands can convert sales in confidence.

Delivering virtual customer experiences seamlessly

Today’s consumers are fluid, and the stickiness of their preferences are everchanging. For retailers, they too must adapt to match the changing consumer demand. From hyper-personalisation, striving for a seamless experience and talking to a human, the online shopping experience is revolutionising the way we interact with brands online.

The Confer With x Appointedd partnership will support today’s retailers to deliver a personalised and frictionless experience, that will not only win customers but lead to repeat custom too. The joint partnership combines Confer With’s powerful live video shopping software and Appointedd’s market-leading online booking tool to deliver an effective solution in virtual shopping experiences.

The live video shopping journey revolves around four core pillars which are match, engage, immerse and convert. Forward-thinking brands who are looking to deliver virtual appointment services through live video can expect to see a 360% increase in online customer enquiry once virtual services are introduced.

Matching customers with experts 

ConferWith Better

McKinsey’s recent global consumer sentiment survey highlighted that 56% of respondents expressed discomfort in navigating around digital UX and lack of product information. This strikes the importance of streamlining the virtual booking process and empowering consumers with product knowledge to make well-informed purchase decisions.

Therefore, Confer With’s adaptability in matching customers focuses on two elements. 

  1. Fulfilling virtual appointments: Appointedd’s integration with Confer With’s software will enable businesses to manage all bookings, re-bookings and cancellations. Features include multi-timezone functionality, external calendar synchronisation and increased productivity. Appointedd’s booking solutions reduces the traditional 15-minute schedule time to less than a minute. To further enhance the customer journey, each virtual assistant is equipped with valuable information to begin curating a personalised basket. From product information to unique preferences, the virtual assistant can begin to perform a needs-based analysis before the call has started.
  2. Walk-in appointments: Alongside scheduling appointments, we also offer walk-in appointments. Confer With widget acts as an effective CTA for when customers are browsing the website. By capturing customers across multiple digital touchpoints enables businesses to be readily available. More importantly, the widget can be activated when customers browse product pages, meaning you can be there when it matters.

Engaging with an expert and understanding customer needs

ConferWith Match

Unlocking digital dialogue is imperative to delivering a personalised online experience. In a recent study conducted by Retail Touchpoints, 80% of shoppers are more likely to purchase a brand that delivers a personalised experience. Therefore, engaging with a virtual assistant is key to that success. Once a customer interacts with a product or schedules a virtual appointment, they are connected to a one-to-one video call. Inside the video call, your expert can perform a needs-based analysis to personalise the customer journey. By creating effective digital dialogue, it equips your team with valuable customer knowledge built on trust and transparency. 

Immersing the customer and personalising the online experience

Confer With Immersion

Unlike traditional video calls where there is little to no immersion, Confer With integrates with your entire product feed. This enables both the customer and expert to fully interact with your store’s offerings. The result of uploading your product feed allows you to do the following:

  • Monitor stock levels. 
  • Combine unique customisable packages for the customer. 
  • Demonstrate imagery, videos and physical products. 
  • Schedule future appointments online and in-store.  

It encourages a collaborative experience, closely replicating in-store interactions where the customer has a more hands-on approach when shopping for products.

Leveraging add-ons and recommendations 


Achieving average order value targets comes with its hurdles. To overcome the self-service navigation that is notorious for low conversion and low average order value, the live video shopping software also offers different features to curate a basket based on customer needs.  

Confer With is built to integrate with any ecosystem, allowing businesses to leverage technology investments to empower live video shopping. For example, by integrating with a rec engine and product feed, the customer can be fully immersed in the entire inventory catalogue. Features to leverage add-ons include:

  1. Alternatives: the expert can showcase different products and services to improve average order value and fulfil customer preferences.  
  2. Additions: the expert can display products straight from their recommendation engine, meaning customers receive relevant products based on purchase behaviour. 
  3. Product specifications: the expert can immerse the customer further by showing images, videos and specifications relating to the product. 

A full deal flow for each product can be created based on customer interactions and needs identification. This leads to a substantial increase in average order value and helps scale high margin products.  

Convert sales and build customer loyalty

Confer With Virtual basket

Confer With’s virtual shared basket technology allows the shopper and expert to add items to the virtual shopping basket. Once the sale begins to close, the expert and customer can view the shopping basket, ensuring both are on common grounds. Once confirmed and the video call is over, all items transfer to the eCommerce basket on the company’s webpage.  

Why powering customer virtual experiences matter

Post COVID-19 will see retailers blend these two channels to form an entirely new customer experience. It’s a technology-led approach focusing on delivering seamless experiences whilst keeping the human element intact. The Confer With x Appointedd partnership will enable businesses to be in full control of the online customer journey, generating higher conversions, satisfied customers and strong brand loyalty.

Find out how to power your virtual customer experiences online by leveraging Confer With x Appointedd booking software by booking a call today.

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