Why Retailers Should Invest in Virtual Clienteling

virtual clienteling

Clienteling is a technique used commonly by luxury retailers to nurture long-term customer relationships based on knowledge, preferences, purchases, interests and so on. Nowadays, technology has enhanced this further by empowering sales associates with the knowledge that combines online behaviour and in-store purchases. 

However, with fewer shoppers venturing in-store, how can retailers nurture meaningful customer relationships? With the rise of live video shopping replacing social interaction, virtual clienteling could well be the answer. In this article, we highlight 5 reasons why retailers should adopt virtual clienteling with live video shopping.

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1)  It’s all about the service 


With the tremendous shift to online shopping influenced heavily by the pandemic, customers are expecting to see a level of expertise service as they would in-store.

The way it typically transfers is by delivering a tailored website experience through promotions, offers and email marketing. Many eCommerce platforms are embedding an AI live chat function that helps answer quick-time queries but often misses opportunities when faced with conversational language and advanced questions.

Live video shopping places your team at the forefront of this experience to deliver exceptional customer service. By offering a VIP one to one service, it opens a digital dialogue where needs are uncovered and properly understood. 


2) Customer relationships can develop with virtual clienteling


Nowadays when a customer browses online there is no emotional connection between the brand and shopper. Consumers convey trust with influencers or their friends as opposed to what the company is saying.  

Live video shopping helps establish trust and loyalty which lay down the foundations for virtual clientelingCustomers relate more to a holistic approach to eCommerce and although data is key to making informed decisions, having a human speak to a human drives successes in virtual clienteling. 

virtual clienteling


3) Customers can purchase in confidence 


Virtual clienteling allows retailers to make strong, relevant recommendations on products and services that will enhance the customer experience. Meanwhile, questions can be answered in real-time, and retailers can provide a compelling narrative to bring items to life. This new wave of consumer confidence can reduce returns and increase repeat custom.

Return rates a large issue for e-commerce brands and retailers, and so by ensuring the customer purchases the right product first-time round, this will greatly reduce them.


4) Online and offline appointments 


Creating effective customer relationships builds over time and not just in one sitting. For example, the Confer With platform allows retailers to schedule future appointments to ensure customers are making informed decisions on technical products. Interestingly, as non-essential shops begin to open, retailers can use live stream shopping to screen customers online.

What does this mean? Well before a customer takes the time to visit the store, they can talk with an expert about their needs and wants, thus prompting a list of suggestions. Moving forward, a customer can enter in-store with pre-equipped knowledge as will the sales associate; providing an exceptional customer experience online and offline.  


5) Data, data, data influences virtual clienteling


Combining online and offline data can empower your retail team with knowledge and guidance for delivering exceptional customer service. Customers leave a trail of digital breadcrumbs to which marketers can use to tweak the website experience.

Personalisation is key to a company’s success therefore using data as part of your virtual clienteling efforts is a no brainer. Build relationships on past purchase history, preferences, interests, important dates to draw a complete 360-degree customer profile, making them feel like they are receiving a true VIP service. 


Key Takeaways 


  • Virtual clienteling enhances brand ambassadors with the knowledge that combines online behaviour and in-store purchases
  • Customer relationships with brand ambassadors establishes trust and loyalty in the retailer
  • Confer With provides an exceptional customer experience online and offline with their live one-to-one video shopping platform 

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