Improve your e-commerce revenue

Increase revenue with higher conversion rates and average order values.

Conversion Rates: Turn your online browsers into shoppers with live video shopping. Establish rapport and understand your customer’s needs with an immersive shopping experience, resulting in 20% conversion rates.

Average Order Values: Meet all your customer’s needs with live video shopping. Using the recommendation engine and the add-ons feature, retail experts can find products that meet all customer needs, stopping them from going elsewhere to meet those needs. Let live video shopping be the reason for 49% and above increase in AOV.


Low conversion rates and average order values are hindering revenue growth.


Live video shopping increases conversion rates to 20% and above and average order value by 49% and above.

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The Confer With impact

Confer With are powering live video shopping for luxury garden furniture company, Bridgman, and their customers, increasing their conversion rates and AOV’s with immersive online shopping experiences.

“Confer With is a sales channel in its own right. It outperforms our bricks and mortar showrooms in pure revenue terms.”

Comparison to traditional e-commerce

Traditional e-commerce conversion rates sit at around 2.5%, with average order values sitting globally at $108. Confer With sees 20% conversion rates and a 49% increase in average order values.

More Information: A Guide to Improving E-commerce Conversion Rates

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