How to Train your Remote Retail Team

Live video shopping requires ongoing training and support for your remote retail team and is the key factor in forging meaningful customer relationships. Your customers interact with this team on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and for them, they represent your brand.   We have listed a few reasons as to why we think having […]

How to Train your Retail Team on Video Calls

train retail team on video calls

Empowering your team with the knowledge and skills required for mastering video commerce is a journey for everyone involved. These five steps will help equip you with the tools needed to coach and build an effective team to build meaningful customer relationships via video.

Virtual appointments and video, what you need to know

reading a guide to augmented reality

Looking to enhance your virtual appointments with video commerce? Explainer on how to integrate virtual appointments and video into your retail shopping experience. Key concepts, Rationale and solutions. Learn more and demo how integrating video commerce fits into your virtual appointment ecosystem.

Instore experts will help retail recover from lockdown

retail expert

The road to retail recovery isn’t going to be easy for retail. Severely damaged footfall figures results in the need for quality of interaction between retail experts and shoppers rather than packed stores. Human capital is an asset the retailer utilise to help recovery.