How to Train your Retail Team on Video Calls

train retail team on video calls

It’s a really exciting time at Confer With. Each week we are working with businesses looking to transform their eCommerce platform. And as we grow, we also see the rise in retail teams utilising their operational efforts via video too. In this guide, we talk through five steps in how to train your retail customer team on video calls, so they are fully engaged with live video shopping.

The five steps are:

  1. Tell them how valuable video customer service is
  2. Make them comfortable with video technology
  3. Selling skills
  4. Video selling skills
  5. Continuous feedback

Let’s uncover these one by one.

1) Tell them how valuable video customer service is

The transition from in-person interactions to video calls may be daunting for a lot of people. Since 2020, the retail workforce has been placed on furlough and social distancing has removed ordinary experiences.

Depending on the size of your retail business, it can be quite the jump to video calling. However, if you remind them of the growing popularity and high conversion rates video commerce brings, it will create a buzz no doubt.

The skillset that they will develop is second to none. From mastering technical video skills to soft skills like communication, presenting and more importantly, clienteling. Combining all these traits will subsequently foster high-value consumers who will be happy to return custom.

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2) Make them comfortable with video calls technology

On the topic of video skills, it is imperative they can comfortably navigate the video commerce app. Without training, advisors will struggle to address the needs of the customer, whilst figuring out what to do.

This can create an awkward shopping environment. It’s known that the Confer With team loves working with new clients to help get them on board with the video shopping app. And that’s what it takes – practice.

3) Selling skills for video calls

Aggressive selling doesn’t work and customers can be overwhelmed with marketing messages. Communication, active listening and empathy can often be overlooked traits when talking with a customer.   

Here’s why they matter: 

  • Communication: 

Live stream shopping enables your brand to stand on a vocal platform. It allows your team to inspire, engage and reassure customers on purchase decisions. This is achieved by displaying great levels of communication. 

eCommerce platforms generate notoriously low conversion rates and that’s down to self-service navigation it provides to customers. 

Live stream shopping with excellent communication allows the retailer to identify and address the needs of the customer. 

  • Active listening 

It’s important to note verbal communication conveys 7% of what you are trying to say. The other 93% is conveyed through non-verbal behaviour.

Live video streaming allows you to see reactions in real-time. Whether that is through published comments on a one-to-many stream or an authentic reaction on a live one-to-one video call. 

Encourage your team to respond to their cues and make them aware of their tone of voice and facial expressions when interacting with customers. 

woman who is part of retail team being trained on video calls
  • Empathy 

Empathy helps create a mutually respected environment between the retailer and the customer. It also repositions your thought process to be more customer-centric, allowing you to uncover hidden needs. 

Nevertheless, it is a natural trait that can be hard to develop. However, if you allow the customer to talk, ask questions based on what was said and display a neutral tone of voice, it can help establish meaningful relationships. 

5) Video call skills 

Live stream shopping will push your team out of their comfort zoneHowever, with plenty of practice (we highly recommend test calls), it will begin to feel very natural. 

Here are some key points to consider: 

  • Appropriate lighting and angles 

Whether your team are streaming one-to-one or one-to-many formats, maintaining a professional brand image is vital. It establishes trust and authenticity – no one wants to receive advice from a poorly lit room with a face they cannot see! 

  • Framing of yourself and any product you are selling 

Immersion is a powerful tool at your disposal and is what brings life to online shopping experiences. Encourage your team to immerse their surroundings with brand products. Sometimes working from home means limited access to inventory stock. Using Confer With, your retail team can select and share any product at their disposal. Imagery, video and audio helps recreate the long-missed social experience.

6) Feedback

Finally, your team are your most important assets. But it is important to remember they are people too. Arrange one-to-ones to see how they are getting on. It is also an opportunity to listen to their feedback as well. Do they like the app? Is it easy to use? Are the customers enjoying it? They will have a wealth of knowledge which they will be itching to share.


Empowering your team with the knowledge and skills required for mastering video commerce is a journey for everyone involved. These five steps should help equip you with the tools needed to coach and build an effective team to build meaningful customer relationships via video.

At Confer With we have expert knowledge in video commerce and we are always on board to help guide you through that journey. Schedule a free demo to find out more about how we can help supercharge your business.

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