A Guide to Shoppable Video Platforms – Which One is Right for you?

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What does shoppable video look like?

Shoppable video combines eCommerce with the entertainment value of video. Together it brings a new way to shop for passionate online shoppers or those who are new to the concept.  

Shoppable platforms unifies sales channels to introduce a space where the brand can educate and sell without ever leaving the platform. This means a shopper can land on a shoppable video, select the spotlight product and purchase the item all in the same channel. 

shoppable video platforms

Who sells in shoppable video? 

The host, influencer or brand ambassador takes centre stage when demonstrating products. They have a charismatic approach whilst developing a narrative for the product. Instead of hard selling, they educate the listeners. 

Some shoppable video platforms are integrated with a chat function, meaning shoppers can speak with the host too. This adds a layer of authenticity to the experience where the host can dispel worries and reinforce trust. 

What types of shoppable video are there? 

One to many 

One to many takes the infamous QVC format and translates it onto eCommerce. One to many revolve around specific events, such as celebrating new releases. These take shape on social media, apps, websites, and YouTube.  

Typically selling low-ticket items, they will demonstrate products like clothing, cosmetics, and consumer electronics. 

They are charismatic in nature and focus more on the entertainment value. While shoppers can have some interaction with the host, the attention is very much on the product itself.  

How social media shoppable platforms are transforming social commerce 


Available for Instagram Business Accounts with checkout capabilities (US users only). During a live broadcast, users can link a product from their catalog which appears at the bottom of the screen. 

It is unknown when Instagram checkout will be rolled out globally, however it is a step in the right direction.

Source: The Fashion Digital


TikTok has partnered with Shopify to help commerce owners develop in-feed shoppable content for its users. This integration allows business owners to prsent shoppable video ads in native forms.  

Thanks to its For You page, any content can be tailored to the user – granting it an effective reach to generate conversions and create more traction.  


With a Commerce Manager account, users can go live directly from their Facebook Page. Streamers can head over to the Live Producer tool via the create section and enable the live video shopping function.  From there, featured products will appear on a list that your viewers can purchase.


Using AR functionalities, snapchat features have now taken it up a notch. Brands like Mac Cosmetics and Esteé Lauder superimpose products using filters.

Popular among Gen Z, this in combination with TikTok is an effective marketing tool to reach out to younger generations, leading the way for shaping how the future shop.

What makes AR so compelling is this ability to bridge the online and offline world and compensate for experiences that you may normally only get in-store

Kathleen Gamarelli, Product Marketing Manager, Snap Inc.
The Power of AR in eCommerce

One to one 

One to one focuses on the Store Associate and customer. Comparatively, this intimate experience replicates the in-store experiences we are all familiar too.

Inside the call, the brand’s Store Associate will identify the needs of the customer and tailor the experience unique to them.

They can leverage selling tools to personalise the experience based on data and a bespoke recommendation engine depending on the platform.  

Due to its instore similarities, one to one calls can take place inside a showroom, store or a contact centre. This is leveraged by visual merchandise  

Examples of platform software using Confer With 

Retailers can now leverage one-to-one technology to boost virtual appointments by working with brands such as eSpares, Ellis Brigham and Nordgreen. 

This makes eCommerce a truly exciting and stimulating place to shop. Long gone are the days of static imagery and misunderstood purchase decisions. Now shoppers can listen to an expert in their field talk about the product and purchase in more confidence.  

Unlike native streams on social media, Confer With integrates with a brand’s eCommerce engine. Meaning shoppable calls are initiated on the brand’s product pages. By grabbing customer interest at the heart of searches, experts can appear when it matters.  

Shoppable calls can begin through walk-in appointments via a widget or through booking appointment tools. From there, experts can share, demonstrate and add items into the shared virtual basket. Creating an immersive experience that mirrors key in-store interactions.

Which shoppable platform is for you?

Both set ups are geared towards different outcomes. Check out our list to see which is right for you. And if you still unsure, book a time in our calendar and chat with us today.

Confer With Virtual basket

One to many

  • Low ticket products
  • High volume of shoppers
  • Planning special events i.e Cyber Monday and end of summer sales
  • Have access to influencers across high traffic volume sectors i.e cosmetics and clothing
  • Large reach on social media
  • Small business owners without eCommerce platform

One to one

  • High ticket or complex items
  • Sell through eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magneto
  • DTC brand looking to increase website conversions
  • Supports virtual appointments
  • Offers bespoke products to high-value customers

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