How To Create A Great Customer Experience With Video Commerce

Brands are increasingly converting to the likes of video commerce and live-streaming to interact and respond to customer’s needs. Through this new approach to omnichannel, video commerce has helped give customers what they want – human interaction. This makes online shopping increasingly more appealing to a much wider audience, increasing customer satisfaction.

What to expect

  • What is customer experience?
  • How to engage with customers using video commerce
  • Why is a good customer experience so important?
  • Reasons why to get involved with video commerce

What Is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is your customer’s overall perspective surrounding their interaction with your brand and business.

This is from communication, from clicking on the website to receiving and using the product and service.

By listening and responding to customer feedback and their wants and needs, your brand’s customer experience improves.

How Does it Convert to Video Commerce?

When implementing video commerce, brands are able to communicate via a product expert with a customer. This provides that human experience that people love about retail so much.

How to Engage with Customers Using Video Commerce


Matching a customer with the right retail expert is important as websites have thousands of customers visiting every week. The customer will eventually make the right purchase if the company gets this process right.

Making sure your customer has a positive experience with both your company and video commerce, has implications. Both for lifetime value and subsequent customer satisfaction. Ensuring the right customer is matched by the right retail expert is vital for customer satisfaction.

Key Elements

  • Interests/needs – it is essential that you know the customer needs. Knowing where they started shopping on the website and where they want to start is a priority.
  • Expertise – Match the customer needs with the expert equivalent. For example, if a customer is shopping for a bike, match it with an expert on bikes.
  • Timing – sounds logical, but the customer needs to be available at the same time that an expert is. As a result appointment software is key.
  • Location – If local, the customer and the expert may find common ground, giving the customer an opportunity to visit a store, post-call (and post-COVID).
  • Previous contact – Ensure that a customer meets with the same expert before, or that their data is logged to show their history.
  • Previous confirmed purchases – If the expert has the knowledge of the last purchase made by the customer, this implies certain preferences.
  • Expert skill – With new customers, or the best customers, you want to prioritise these with your best sales people.
video commerce and customer engagement

By meeting these standards through video commerce, it increases the probability of a positive interaction where customer needs are met. In addition, it can also improve average order value and lifetime value to the company.

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Setting Up Virtual Appointments


To use video commerce in online retail, accelerates consideration and customer satisfaction. If you meet the customer’s needs, you have an engaged customer, and therefore their potential to buy is higher.

The length of time a shopper interacts with the website, is defined as customer engagement. Video commerce then predicts the possibility of a purchase, with this prediction being more accurate and powerful.

With live-videos and one-to-one interactions, we are able to see whether a customer is engaged or not using video commerce. Companies can easily change tactic in order to engage customers again.

Video commerce is the closest online retail can get to a face to face conversation – therefore the best for engagement. Everything that the visual supplies, the audio, expressions, body language and overall engagement contribute to customer satisfaction.


By adding video commerce to your company’s website, and different shopping immersion tactics, these tools with further improve customer engagement and overall satisfaction.

Immersion is where customers experience the product – they want to touch and feel it, immersing themselves in the product experience, and consequently the brand experience. With video commerce, immersion is the process of giving the customer an experience that is as close as possible to the physical experience that would be provided in person.

Through live-stream shopping this can be through demonstrations, sharing of specifications, sharing of images and videos, calculators and augmented reality.

Video commerce, therefore, helps customer involvement and satisfaction. All of these are possible with Confer With.


The close is when the customer eventually purchases the product or the service, having experienced the brand and the customer service from the online retail expert. This is one of the most essential parts, as it is what fuels your company, and potential customer return.

This is most prevalent in the online shopping basket – which both the customer and the retail expert can access and edit. The online shopping basket allows visits to a shopping site to select items for potential purchase, similar to what you would experience in-store. It typically calculates a total for the order, delivery costs, discounts and tax.

The online shopping basket provides visibility and long-term memory, where customers can return and the items still be there, and know the price immediately. Video commerce helps increase customer satisfaction and average order value, without, this process is often self-service.

With the ability for both the customer and the retail expert to edit and access the basket, it is an opportunity for the expert to explore different needs the customer may have, needs that they didn’t even know they had.

For example, if the customer was interested in purchasing a bike, the expert could suggest an endless list of other add on’s for their bike and therefore increase the average order value – if approached correctly. By using video commerce and the online shopping basket, experts are able to show and demonstrate different products to the customer, live, so they can explore the customer needs together.

The Risk of Abandonment

It is an indication for the company that the customer wasn’t completely satisfied and decided not to purchase from the website.

Companies need to ensure that there are efficient responses, sufficient support and guidance, and providing the right answers to their needs.

Also, added transparency means no hidden cost surprises for the customer. With the implementation of video commerce, the interaction between an expert and a customer decreases the chance of abandonment.

This ensure the customer feels confident in the purchases and process, increasing their satisfaction both for the brand and the experience.

Why is a Good Customer Experience So Important?

A customer’s purchase is not solely reliant on the goods, but also the customer experience, with the website, the brand, and with video commerce, the expert. If the experience is a good one, there is a higher possibility of the customer coming back for more – a desire of every brand.

With video commerce, it solves the online problem of instant feedback. The customer is able to be in contact with a human expert, not a robot, and help them in live time. Video retail is one of the main ways to enhance the customer experience online.

Why is it Important to get Involved with Video Commerce?

Due to the latest lockdown measures that have been put in place, a different form of shopping is evolving, where virtual is taking over. This eliminates any need to travel, which serves as a viable alternative instead of having to go into the store and speak to someone.

There is a large migration currently happening towards online and virtual shopping – virtual appointments and video, virtual services and virtual experiences.

To deny your brand and your customers this evolution is detrimental to the company’s success in an increasingly modernised world.

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